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2 days ago Chief.Neil

Sizzling Star Citizen Sunday Streaming Shenannigans START!  Henceforth, 18:00utc.  Cogs welcome!  Let's stratch some stuff from off the 3.5 FUN list.
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4 days ago Chief.Neil
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14th Apr Chief.Neil
Some news!

Our Trial Intro section has had some extra simplifications made to it today.  Mostly minor, however, the Tactical Reference Guide has been removed due to changes to formatting that Microsoft created with various updates over last year but mostly to make it so there is less chance of 'information overload' for our poor new Trials.  Two items from the reference made it into our latest Handbook instead, which brings us to...

...we have an updated Handbook as of today too!  Version 3.1 is now available.  If you are a long-standing Trial (Dudo, Wrongway and Mac) and wish to view it, then drop me a message somewhere otherwise it will be available after your Trial when you are ready.

The new Handbook includes added sections: 'Team designations' and 'Event terminology' as well as minor simplification edits (to ensure fun gameplay) and some omissions due to recent flight system changes in 35.
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6 days ago Chief.Neil
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3rd Apr Chief.Neil
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5th Apr Chief.Neil
Let's get you started... you can take part in gameplay like this:

one. all. team!
28th Mar Chief.Neil
New mission giver in Arccorp gives you a ship to accomplish the mission in; taken off from a cool skyscraper pad.  Fun!

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24th Mar Chief.Neil
The PTU version has changed to 3.5, open to 1st wave backers (Evocati, subscribers and concierge).  NDA is lifted.  Get ready for a more complicated flight system, new Star Marine updates and map/game mode (tactical) additions and the new planet with its major 'landing zone' hub.

(starting) Flight guide:

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1st Apr Chief.Neil

A CI April's Fool, or for real.  You decide.
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29th Mar Chief.Neil

Mid-April for this year's convention.  Maybe one year I may go, they have done a great job with it all so far.  I'm excited for an official CI convention one year tho.  Citizens think the next is in England (October) but I'm unsure I'd afford that one.  Shame would need to wait a few more years after for it to come around again to England.
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