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7th Sep Chief.Neil
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1st Sep Chief.Neil
Hmm, CIG getting desperate for testers?  Popped in my mail this morning:

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30th Jul Chief.Neil
Seem's Chief's Letter is turning into 'Chief's Note'.  Perhaps that's why it arrives early? - Fewer data to transmit.  How ya'll doing?  What sort of frames are you getting at the moment and is trade pretty decent too?  They made some more changes to ESP; have you noticed dogfighting to be more responsive with aiming?

I've decided to set up an MFD, real-world, for a future release.  So I can do all those various ship related actions from it instead of fiddling with tons of keybinds on my controller.   Something like the Stream Deck.  A citizen produced this recently (pictured below) that should really help.

The WoW expansion is here in 2 weeks ad will keep me entertained for some months.  It will certainly put the streaming tests through their paces ready for SC.  Does anyone have knowledge about the next gen of GPU and when we can expect the 1080s to fall in price?  Hoping next year is going to be pretty dang awesome!

15609Stay shiny, cogs. 07
11th Jul Chief.Neil
Haha, interesting going-ons in the 'verse this 3.2.

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11th Jul Chief.Neil wrote a new blog Verse
11th Jul Chief.Neil wrote a comment about the news post Chief's Letter #13
Thanks, Way. I really appreciate that. I'm optimistic. Whilst I'm absolutely ...
4th Jul Chief.Neil
15673 Still fishing for teams.

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26th Jun Chief.Neil
Meh dudes.  07
Thought I'd forgo a 'Chief's Letter' for July and jot a message here instead.

After spending some pounds that I don't have but my credit card does, the PC beast has been sated - ready for a soft launch of the Brigade channel this coming August.  Why August?  Because I'm so game-starved and terribly bored, I'm going to be playing the new World of Warcraft expansion that releases then.  My friend gifted me a month's subscription too!

Our website hosting fees will be paid for another year, starting July and also thanks to my plastic money buddy, and I'll be back on course for 3.4.  ...maybe.  If we actually get some content.

Stay in touch, cogs.
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12th Jun Chief.Neil
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22nd May Chief.Neil wrote a new blog Morning Star

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