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11th Jul Chief.Neil
Haha, interesting going-ons in the 'verse this 3.2.

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11th Jul Chief.Neil wrote a new blog Verse
11th Jul Chief.Neil wrote a comment about the news post Chief's Letter #13
Thanks, Way. I really appreciate that. I'm optimistic. Whilst I'm absolutely ...
4th Jul Chief.Neil
15673 Still fishing for teams.

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26th Jun Chief.Neil
Meh dudes.  07
Thought I'd forgo a 'Chief's Letter' for July and jot a message here instead.

After spending some pounds that I don't have but my credit card does, the PC beast has been sated - ready for a soft launch of the Brigade channel this coming August.  Why August?  Because I'm so game-starved and terribly bored, I'm going to be playing the new World of Warcraft expansion that releases then.  My friend gifted me a month's subscription too!

Our website hosting fees will be paid for another year, starting July and also thanks to my plastic money buddy, and I'll be back on course for 3.4.  ...maybe.  If we actually get some content.

Stay in touch, cogs.
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12th Jun Chief.Neil
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22nd May Chief.Neil wrote a new blog Morning Star
14th May Chief.Neil
"Quietness fell heavily into the cool freshness of an early awakening; the beginning rise of a new day which only the strength of Hercules could come to bear."

I entered the Hercules Starlifter contest here.  I wrote a flash fiction piece.  Wish me luck and maybe have a go yourselves?

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4th May Chief.Neil
Aleksandr Belov has done it again.  Beautiful.  This game.  Wow.  15611

27th Apr Chief.Neil with B.Graymound
That's the TV I had as a kid.
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