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6 days ago Chief.Neil
"Quietness fell heavily into the cool freshness of an early awakening; the beginning rise of a new day which only the strength of Hercules could come to bear."

I entered the Hercules Starlifter contest here.  I wrote a flash fiction piece.  Wish me luck and maybe have a go yourselves?

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4th May Chief.Neil
Aleksandr Belov has done it again.  Beautiful.  This game.  Wow.  15611

27th Apr Chief.Neil with B.Graymound
That's the TV I had as a kid.
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20th Apr Chief.Neil
The team behind the sabre raven model at the latest CitizenCon and the desks used for SC gameplay at the Gamescom last year have a wonderful website and business running where you can purchase furniture designed around what you can see in-game today.  A hefty price tag attached to them but dang they look good.  Totally worth the expense if you have it.

12th Apr Chief.Neil
Working on the audio for the steam.  Well ahead of time.  Go me.  15735

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10th Apr Chief.Neil wrote a new blog Stickmans - items to inspire and humour
9th Apr Chief.Neil
Some Brigade lore trickling through again, cogs.  Keep an eye on that News section if you're interested! 

2nd Apr Chief.Neil
This is a dilligent little vid which I enjoyed watching.

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31st Mar Chief.Neil
In-game scavenger hunt all day long on April 1st!

With 8 chances to win a vulcan vessel this could be fun.  Cool if Brigade snagged one as a team but the competiton out there will be very high.  Join me 'in the field', cogs.  07

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27th Feb Chief.Neil
This is the vision I have for Brigade's marine role team members, but (game) related to Star Citizen so, dropping whatever isn't needed as we don't roleplay mil-sim.  Pretty cool.  I hope there is some great, difficult NPC mission encounters like this for Brigade to get its teeth in to.

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