We want YOU!

Dept. Heads
Our department heads fulfil a leading role here in Brigade within administrative areas of our community.  Interested?  This would place you into a position where you are one of five people who are able to create, organize and run events, as well as have a large amount of freedom to express your desired direction for Brigade regarding the department you head-up.  Our five departments form a collective in which each is encouraged to provide their help in developing enjoyable events and general Brigade progress.

The departments we are actively looking for are:

• Science & Exploration

• Industry & Agriculture

• Trade & Logistics

• Security & Combat

These positions are always open by way of vote to any member thought of as being more suitable for the duties, as these roles are considered important enough that they represent a vital principle to our community's ability to flourish.  To consider yourself you must have the natural ambition and time to happily be both suitably available and committed to the duties the roles have.  This means that the duties must not feel like a chore for you and instead have a positive effect on your game-play and involvement with our team.

Whilst a little nudge may be given to a member who we may feel suited to a role, we are looking for people who feel no pressure in aiming for something they may desire to be a part of.  As the owner of the organization, Neil wishes to direct and keep our principles on track whilst delegating the running of the organization to our team of Strategic Commanders, Commanders, and Officers, and the improvement to our entire structure, to every one of our members.

Some duties involve:

  • Logging into our website and responding to messages whenever you have an internet session (most days)
  • Making certain everything Brigade stands for, from principles, ROE and SOP, to teamwork, camaraderie and fun is continued among everyone and everything we do
  • Following excellent event design and helping to create new design and documentation as our community evolves
  • Have regular one-to-one meetings (chats) ad-hoc to your fellow STRATCOM members and partake in occasional 'agenda specific' STRATCOM meetings
  • Have the knowledge that you are able to take control of any privilege bestowed to the roles below you: taking tactical control of a group; moderating our forums, and delegating roles to our members no matter their position
  • Monitoring your department forum diligently so that members' teams are created and missions completed successfully; action is made to move your interests forward to better Brigade and fresh, up-to-date information is provided

Our esteemed position as an ambassador is certainly not a role-playing one, as our position names themselves are about as close to RP as we get here at Brigade.  As our ambassador, you are the sort of calm, patient and empathic member that enjoys being a little bit of a 'people person'.

You will have interests in reaching out to other players; helping a little with recruitment, and general community management activities, which means you will be logging into your Brigade website and Spectrum accounts regularly to check your forum areas and your mail.  Being available and having control of your own channel in our team's COMMS, you will also want to maintain a course of correspondence with our affiliates and partners by monitoring their websites casually.

You will be our reserve member for Brigade's seat in any partnerships where you may be asked to partake in a meeting occasionally and are the 'Head of our Officers', in which you will offer your support to all our Officers and can ask them to help support you in any area of your role that you wish.

You would be the face of team Brigade - a spokesperson and figurehead, however, all of this is meant to be light and pleasant for you and anyone you come into contact with here at Brigade and out there in our universe.

Brigade is nothing is it isn't lead, and lead well.  We want our community to shine as being some of the best organisation, implementation and fun out there in the game.  If you enjoy and are able to communicate confidently, listen to your team, follow strategic planning, and create decisive tactical action, then you have the traits we need.

We are looking for commanders for all sorts of operations which does not need to include combat at its focus.  Commanders can be there for us when we wish to move large amounts of assets through a logistical event; can be there for our exploration teams so people don't miss out on what's planned and be there for our mining missions to make certain everything runs smoothly.

Commanders will also very often lead practice exercises including that of our Introduction course but also anything that our community wishes to practice and learn about, such as how to crew a Reclaimer, for example.

Some privileges include: being able to rally members together on-the-fly for skirmishes/missions and general operations; getting things done the way you want them to by tactically guiding teams and having some of the first opportunities for joining events.

Like to be extra helpful on our website, COMMS, live shows and with new members?  Our officers help regulate our COMMS by moving and granting power to users as well as creating and protecting channels.  They moderate our entire forums here and our place in the Spectrum and are the first position that can become a SO (Supervising Officer) for new trial applicants. Officers also help administer in-game permissions within teams and security passes for our assets.

You will want to help out in a general way in all our areas of play without being considered tied to a particular duty.  You like people and genuinely like to be there for newbies to answer questions and direct them to places and people that they will find useful.

Adequate skill and knowledge of administrating forums and everything in-game is essential.  This can easily be taught to you wherever needed.  You can count on our Ambassador for support as they head-up our Officers.  You may be asked to help out our Ambassador from time to time too as they look for you to aid them in their duties.


Science and Exploration
Our science and exploration department is searching for players to join in with them in their search for the stars.  And quite possibly lucrative jump points!  Star Citizen allows us to crew our ships and take off to other planets in such a pleasant way that it is a magical experience to share.

If you are looking to make good friends you can trust, then Brigade will certainly have them here for you.  We are the diligent enthusiast with not only a love for space games but a driving curiosity to see the wonders of this immersive universe CI have made for us.

Don't miss out on grabbing a window seat, piloting your friends, preparing an explorative endeavour with likeminded players and working away at the scientific station within our ships.

Trade and Logistics
Our trade and logistics department is a fun place to be if you enjoy correlating data among your friends here to gain the best credit making routes for your precious cargos, to show off your massive hauling capabilities or to push our logistical performance into excellence via contracts you or we may have with outside parties.

Brigade's access to various affiliations offers a place for finding information on all businesses in the Star Citizen universe.  Brigade offers a very helpful environment in which we know how much we can prosper as a team looking out for each other's best interests in the area of financial gains and safe, secure, confident transportation.

Industry and Agriculture
Our industry and agriculture department is eager to facilitate those interests Brigade has for bringing excellent opportunities for our members to gain every type of the best equipment and ships available, to have confident, happy operations in the field and to obtain superior wealth and tech over any potential threats.  We will have protected mining events, knowledgeable personnel crewing our assets, a base of operations and factories.

Security and Combat
Brigade's security and combat department is interested in developing our wing and marine groups into a formidable brigade that holds respect within our community and beyond into the universe.  Do you enjoy excellent communication, effortless, tight tactics, being lead and having clear objectives?  Then these activities are open to you: bounty hunting, protection, patrol, covert ops, support, dogfighting, gunnery and assault, all in both PVE and PVP.