What is this?
You can nominate your fellow Brigade members, which will count greatly towards them gaining points towards their team-player awards; obtaining deserved ribbons, and promoting them in good favour for possible new roles.

How do I do that?
Go ahead and jot a comment below and you will be heard.  This page is for nominations only so please no general chit-chat.  Instead, write a short piece that tells us all:

  1. Who you are nominating
  2. What you are nominating them for (an award, or some points)
  3. What they did to make you feel this way
  4. Perhaps a link to an image or video if you might have one

What else?
If you don't really know what awards or points to suggest, then that's okay - you can still jot a comment here about a member you thought was pretty darn cool about something.  Leave their name and a reason.

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Trial (3)
My Next Team Award

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Some examples of gaining a point can be by involving yourself in some of the following:

  • Introducing yourself on our forums
  • Promoting team Brigade on the Spectrum and in the game
  • Keeping our recruitment post alive by adding a reply
  • Finding answers to questions
  • Creating and joining fun topics
  • Uploading great videos and pictures
  • Helping our new trial members
  • Helping our visitors
  • Helping out by joining in with our training
  • Supporting all our news, forum posts and events
  • Working on solutions in every aspect of our departments
  • Sharing your time and assets with all of us
  • Donating to help fund our website and VOIP
  • Continued excellence in your role
  • Recruiting players that make it to 'Brigader'
  • Gaining 'likes' on our website
  • Helping with graphics, videos and tech for all our digital things