Brigade's Flair Items

various team Brigade logo clothing including officer and commander shirts

You can customise colours, sizes and styles as well as add other text and graphics if you choose.

Supporting us
You will find no obligations for donations here at Brigade whatsoever.  You can feel perfectly comfortable just being a friendly team member, always.

But if you do like to help in this way, the value in the box below is what keeps our website, domain and VOIP running into 2026.

So thank you!


Recent Donations
kr50.00 SEK
23rd Feb
Something else?
You can support us in other fun ways over at our Twitch channel.

UEC donations are very welcomed too.  100% of these go into Brigade assets, such as unique armaments, profitable endeavours or capital ships.
FREE for new players...
Know a friend looking to start playing Star Citizen?  The code below allows them to receive a head start with 5,000 credits added to their account when they sign-up.


Every item earned with the above referral code goes straight back into Brigade.  With enough referrals, we can receive a Javelin for the org, among other things.
40+ items
hundreds of options