Our affiliates are those we have chosen as trustworthy friends to whom we involve our day-to-day activities with.  The principles upon which we play Star Citizen are equal to those of our affiliates, therefore when in times of need we are confident to assist, as this will not break our organisation's ethos.

When trading , exploring, transporting and mining with our affiliates, we are able to feel happy to help.  Our affiliates are also able to take part in our events as trusted guests, where design can permit.

High-positioned , or veteran members of our affiliated organizations, or individual friends, are given position status within our website as 'Honoured Guests', where they can view, and post to, our chat and general forums.


Zero Gravity

"With the effect of gravity at a minimum, we can do amazing things when it comes to moving, construction and innovations in chemistry and physics.  In fact we are only limited by our imagination."