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Our simple goal
.To be an ambitious community-focused team that, fundamentally, takes itself seriously.
.To enable our members to enjoy all roles within Star Citizen, excluding piracy.
.To be ready for combat to protect our teammates and their interests.
.To communicate and organise to a high standard without complication.
.To very much enjoy Star Citizen in a new kind of 'serious fun' way.
.To look out for each other, always.

A word on teamwork
Above all else, what would we be if we weren't a team?  Clans are ten-a-penny in today's gaming and most are content to amble, which is perfectly fine, but at team Brigade we play to support each other 100%.

Our forums and VOIP are created to provide everyone with the ability to get involved in supporting each other's activities without feeling left out. We have department heads that help organize this so our various interest as different members can be heard and actioned united.

Winning, for us, is not losing our team.  Think of it this way, a team player won't go gunning after a kill while leaving their teammate to hopelessly fend off attackers.  At Brigade we come about, help peel our teammate away and survive the encounter together.

A group leader may well rack up fewer kills than their teammates, as they focus more of their attention on tactics and the wellbeing of the team.  A team player may break away from their target as they hear their teammate has a better firing solution or take the brunt of an attack, at the cost to themselves, to help move our group forward.  At Brigade, we keep our friends close and never lose sight of them; we give supportive feedback, knowing that each kill is a team kill and we leave no man behind.

Being a team member isn't all combat related. You can quite happily be a team member care-bear if you wish. Our commanders will be a diverse lot, who whilst all having excellent leadership strengths, will be suited to different areas of group play; for example, transporting a fleet of industrial ships through safe space.  So you can feel at ease as a team player knowing your input is helping in any area you are good at.

How do I join?
Decided you like the sound of us so far?   If you have developed some interests in joining our team please view our recruitment video and take another look at some of the topics within this page, if you are convinced this is the place for you then make sure you register yourself on the website and you can fill in our recruitment form by clicking below.

Recruitment Q&A

What are our playing times?
We want our members to have plenty of options to play with each other in a less time-dependent way, so Brigade is happy to recruit anyone from around the world who will team-up within our broad playing times.  These are UTC -/+ 5.

Is Brigade hardcore?
Yes!  But not in the traditional sense - only in our attitude to teamwork, effective COMMS and simple willingness to follow who may be leading you at the time.  Whilst the ranking structure is there to ensure that we do not end up looking like a shambles, it is light and relaxed the majority of the time and only brought into action when we start the serious fun.

Can I play casually?
Yes!  People get casual and hardcore mixed up.  In Brigade you can be both.  Although both logging into our website and contributing to votes, topics and fun things are expected of you each month, grinding, farming and joining each weekly training or a whole bunch of other events isn't.  As a Brigader, you can feel very comfortable plodding along at your own pace.

Do I need to be a skilled player?
Yes and no.  While it is not entirely in the nature of Brigade as a whole and there are plenty of roles to play in Star Citizen, we can not control what you can't handle when the game throws it at you.  It is your responsibility to understand your limits and be a team member when it comes to stepping aside into another activity that fits you.

What if I want to play every day and become super awesome and boss people around and...
Whoa!  Steady on.  Yes, you can absolutely progress in Brigade to positions of a leading nature.  If you have leadership qualities then you can apply to the position of Commander, where you are entitled to create small operations and combat mission by rallying your team as well as leading large events that are created for you.

What if I'm not a leader but I like to help out with administrative things?
Then you are a very welcomed asset and can fill our Officer position nicely.  Here you have the opportunities to fully moderate the website and VOIP and can become a Supervising Officer (SO) to new trial members (kinda like a buddy to help them get settled in) where people will look up to you for your support.  Thanks!

Do I have a say?
Yes!  Brigade has a very open information and voting system in which all members' views and desires are considered compassionately and with an open mind.  Suggestions are always taken into account for any upcoming activities people wish to arrange.  Ultimately, all regulatory decisions are finalized through the organization's chief.

Who is Stratcom?
There are four departments and an embassy within Brigade.  Each department has a head and the embassy, an ambassador.  These five people are committed, clever and open people who have the necessary skills to run our organization.  All important events and contracts are designed and managed by these good people.

Who does this Chief. Neil person think he is, honestly?
Well, he's been around a bit in gaming communities and has almost always been a part of an administration or leading position.  He calls himself the Chief around these parts and is the owner of the organization as a whole.  He's also insanely good-looking and ridiculously witty and charming...what?  Why are you looking at me like that?

Our awards system helps us shed light on you in a way that will give you some distinction as a member.  New members will immediately see what sort of focal interests you may have and see how you have become a strong teammate to everyone.

We have training type awards that show your accomplishments in how we tactically operate; role type awards that are held in high regard to a particular field and our esteemed 'Ace' awards for excellent combat knowledge and practice, among others, all of which are not whimsical to achieve. In fact, our 'Ace' awards show a particular type of member who has excellent communication skills, is perfectly disciplined on COMMS in tactical situations and has a particularly high level of skill in combat.

Another type of award is that which is automatically given throughout your time with us as your award points accumulate.  These points are determined from each time you are helpful, kind, involving, supportive and generally a good egg.  So thanks! 

Our event design and 'rank promotion' takes into account in some part, a member's participation in the community and their awards.  Gaining our training, Pilot and Marine awards will help event designers fit members into roles and having the highly recognised Ace awards can open up difficult endeavours for you and our organisation as a whole.

Any member can nominate and detail another member or even themselves for a point allocation and are encouraged to do so by use of our Nominate section, and whilst it is a lot easier to see someone's involvement in Brigade if they happen to be a regular forum contributor, nominating others as well as yourself is vital for recognition for activities that you may be doing on VOIP and in-game.  It is necessary to look out for each other in this way, so that's what we do!

Examples of how we work together
There are a great number of ways we work together to ensure any type of mission, large event or small action are a success.  Here are two security-related examples but note that Brigade teamworks in all play-types in Star Citizen.

Wing Support
Supporting each other by means of 'double teaming' is what Brigade uses as its core dog-fighting strategy.  Going 1v1 is not the ideal situation to be in when your target is superior or even equal to you.  We make certain each team member is in supportive range to each other when in combat.  Members say when they are taking fire and if they can, by what/who.  At this point they can switch to attack their aggressor or fly evasively knowing a teammate will support them - engaging the aggressor to help peel them away or to help eliminate them entirely.

Supporting - in support of a wingman to help peel them from an aggressor
Evading/going evasive - evading fire whilst you await support
Tail clear - an indication that your wingman is free from any aggressors

P1: "In the field, acquiring primary.  Found - Vanduul Alpha is primary"
P2: - "Roger, committing"
P1: "Engaged"
P2: - "You have two coming in on your tail"
P1: "Going evasive"
P2: - "Shots on primary"
P1: "Taking too much fire!"
P2: - "Copy, coming about"
P1: "It's on my six: Vanduul Hunter"
P2: - "Seen.  I'm in support...engaging.  Missiles away.  Hit!  Tango down, your tail is clear"

Team Leader Trust
Thinking on your own is encouraged and integral as a Brigade member, however, having more than one person trying to lead at the same time or having a person constantly questioning instruction is not efficient at all.  Our trial period is there to filter out the single players from the team players but there will be times when a player may scratch their head and think: 'why is our lead doing it this way?'.

Well, a lead isn't always perfect and it is a member's duty to offer supportive suggestions if they are tactically sound - but is also imperative that they understand that what a lead may have in mind can easily be something a member is unaware of.  Thus we trust our leads, knowing they don't always have the time to explain everything to teammates.

Hostiles have attacked a Brigade team and they have engaged them for a few minutes.  A teammate has a target in a vulnerable state of destruction.  The group leader issues an instruction to switch all efforts onto another target.  So what do our members do?  Well, very likely they inform their group leader of their target's condition and continue to hold a good firing solution.  The lead may tell them to destroy their target, now knowing this information, but what if they do not instruct this, are they wrong?

Doesn't matter.  Members trust their Lead.  The Lead may have knowledge that a member does not or may want to perform a tactical procedure of another nature that will benefit the team.  Perhaps they received details that the target was no longer a threat (possibly due to a misunderstanding) or they are wanting to question the target and therefore keep it crippled.  Perhaps the newly assigned target was lining-up heavy destruction and required to be dealt with immediately.

Our History

July 2015 - From its early beginnings, a drive has never been an issue here at team Brigade.  Neil, its Chief, continues to be ambitious and focused on all his hobbies and was there 'right off the bat' to direct this community forward into the Star Citizen PU and beyond.  July 2015 marks Brigade's birth.
February 2017 - After a long gameplay draught and hibernation, Brigade reloaded with what would become known as 'Identity 2.0'.  A massive overhaul of our community website took place to introduce a professional theme.  We gave Brigade 'new stripes', a giant splash of colour and a positive, modern fresh appeal which can be seen to this day.
June 2017 - With an upcoming '3.0' expansion to Star Citizen, the Chief wanted to push Brigade's professionalism a leap further.  The release of such a massive content increase would bring thousands of new and old players back to Star Citizen, which was something Brigade was not going to miss out on.  Neil put time and funds into fabricating a top-notch recruitment video worthy of any gaming enterprise, coupled with good quality posters for each of our departments.  Added to this was an audio advert which was created for the purpose of airing on the Star Citizen radio station 'The Base'.   This advert, along with the recruitment video's audio was narrated by experienced professional, Anthony Rudd, who helped immensely by being extra kind to us.
October 2018 - Brigade's official Twitch channel was born months before, where it went through a bunch of iteration and testing before finally airing officially as Star Citizen 3.3 came to live.  The idea of the channel was for fellow Brigade members to have another medium to get involved with each other in a fun way within a massively growing trend of live gameplay.  With the intent to show citizen's what Brigade does and how effectively we do it, the channel was another form of recruitment and friendly public interaction too.

We want YOU!
Currently recruiting for these positions:

  • Dept. Heads
  • Ambassador
  • Commanders
  • Officers
  • Scientists & explorers
  • Traders & transporters
  • Miners & manufacturers
  • Combat marines & pilots

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