Chief's Letter #10
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Feb
Letters from the Chief
I have the captain's itch.  No, no need to reach for the powder cogs, I mean the itch for adventure!

After a long bunch of months adding new features, fixing bugs and improving our Handbook and introduction course on the site I've also been working on my Twitch channel for Brigade.  You can really understand what CIG goes through to get great stuff into our hands when you are in the same boat; often things like streaming isn't as simple as hitting a button - not when you want the kind of high fidelity we both aim for.  Now I'm adventuring for some gaming, as quite honestly, I'm a bit bummed-out at all the work.  Remember that Star Citizen Sunday is on the cards for those that wish to play and our Discord is always open for members popping on to chat and play other games as casually (or not!) as they please.

New cogs for the machine:
From trial to Brigader in a month, which should be the average kind of time next year (we hope), Graymound made it with flying colours and has picked up a marine award along the way.  Pretty cool.  Welcome to your shiny new rank; it is nice to see the system working.

Nothing to report!  That's it cogs.  A short one this month, with notably no lore post either as we struggle with 3.0.  The future is bright and fingers are crossed for a fast and stable 3.1.  See you in the 'verse.


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