Chief's Letter #9
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Jan 2018
Letters from the Chief
Happy New Yeehaw cogs!   We did it.  We made it.  We got here.  #unbreakable.

Delay, after delay.  They seemed to chain further than a well oiled Brigade cog-line.  I mentioned for a long time that if CIG were to release a PTU before Xmas it would be a buggy mess.  I wasn't salty, I just understood how much CR explained he wanted a polished 3.0 for players' first experience.  My guess was an end of January release to PTU where I hoped to find a contender for polishing but instead, we got a much earlier PTU where the 3.0 gem was still encrusted with space rock.

We made it to alpha.  The -first- alpha iteration and it is my belief there will be enough content and stability for Brigade to get involved in SC gameplay often.  That is to say, SC is not quite yet a 'game' but there is enough there for me to feel happy playing with new recruits and practising with members.  As long as it doesn't involve combat, which is not a happy time for citizens in 3.0.

New cogs for the machine:
Speaking of members, I welcome Wrong Way to Brigade.  Much pleasure to have you here partner for some fun and camaraderie.  Also worthy of a mention is Graymound who is getting stuck into his trial (phew, finally).  Thanks to both for your recent feedback; lots of updates to the layout of our community hub here this week including an improved sign-up and trial system.  Let's get recruitin-tootin'! 

Why so serious?
I'm known for not clowning around when it comes to getting things done right and done well.  That's why I have integrated an infraction system into the website.  Currently, there are 4 infractions a member could incur which applies a warning/notification of some degree and a mark on their record whilst the infraction applies.  It's a typical New Year fresh start so below is a copy of an announcement I made last month regarding membership.

one. all team, cogs 07
Da Chief.

Last month's announcement:
"Us us us, me me me, you you you!  The days are approaching when the bustle of activity within team Brigade is all this and that, and much more.  Finally, I mean sheesh right?

I have no room for inactivity and laziness.  Brigade will flourish within SC and for this happening to occur I closely monitor our members.  Although trial periods are extended until a beta is close, I do remove those that I understand to be 'hopeless', from our website.  This has happened today.

To become a Brigader truly means something within Brigade past that of obtaining Basics.  Maintaining Brigader is also meaningful.  A new rule for this full-membership is liveliness within our community to include over a period of three weeks.  This is to say they are required to participate in posts, official feedback requests, polls and chat.  If nothing is heard over three weeks then...

...we have a new 'rank' entitled 'retired'.  Past full-members will enter this if they become inactive.  Coming out of retirement is entirely possible where they may be placed into trial once more or reinstated at their former rank/role.  The first is much more likely as we ascertain once more if Brigade is a good fit for them.

I am building our future with intent; a community, a team, a commitment.  Just like any -other- real-world entity of the same agenda such as a business, club or sports team.

Our members will reflect this.  All the best cogs."

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