How we behave in Star Citizen's alpha
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Dec 2017
Today's PU experience is regarded generally by the community as a free for all where org play styles are a non-factor.  An org who is anti-pirate may very well show qualities of piracy.  In the easygoing die-and-respawn we have along with the testing nature of alpha, there is a consensus of 'no hard feelings'.

For these reasons, Brigade has foregone our ROE until the PU becomes a beta.  This does not mean that our members will behave as trolls in any regard and will be encouraged to keep thievery to an acceptable level and to show courtesy and consciousness of other players' intentions.

Brigade are aware that many players will 'shoot first' to keep themselves safe; Brigade members are cleared to do the same in marine situations and be on an elevated alert in piloting situations.

Brigade members are to:
  • Strongly consider eliminating a bogey (unknown contact) when you are outnumbered and/or threatened in a clutch situation
  • Where possible and applicable, use chat to introduce yourself as a team Brigade player
  • Use chat to apologise for misunderstandings and kills
  • Remember not to engage at all in smack-chat (if a player is salty, leave them alone)
  • Come to the aid of another Brigade member in any circumstance only if all parties concur

There isn't really any need for us to treat the alpha for anything more than it is; our strong regard to coming to aid our members will be 100% as the game reaches release.  There will, however, be practice events in which we treat the PU as if we were playing the full released game.  Also, members can decide how they want to treat the PU when they group up - it will be your collective decision.

Brigade has increased their alert status to ELEVATED.

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