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While Stanton may be contemplated as the birthplace of Brigade its members are often fairly hushed about the idea.  There are some beautiful vistas and enigmatic space but the underlying crime and grime cannot be shaken.  Whilst members' interests in the system increase so might their awareness do the same.  It's risky business earning cred.

Crusader admits crime is rising around its territory and it is clear to most that they are unable to police it.  There's no Advocacy here and with security decisions made on what is the most cost-effective for Crusader, the public are getting poor service.  Pirates, lovingly known as 'rats' fester around the communication arrays, scavengers, coldly truncated to 'scavs' tend to shoot first to protect their wreck raiding and forgetting to lock your ship's door brings only grief to your day as someone pilfers it.  Or hell, blows it up for the larks.

It's rumoured Brigade's stratcom are up-ing their official alert status as they advise the more audacious members hauling cargo to Grim Hex to get in stealthily and get in quick before your cargo is scanned and plundered.

Even if you make it through all this, it has been known for veterans to come afoul of forgoing a 'ready check', running dry on fuel or worse: oxygen.

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