Chief's Letter #8
Chief.Neil 2 Comments · 23rd Nov 2017
Letters from the Chief
Yawn, stretch...vomit?

Something like that when coming out of hyper-sleep right?  Conveniently our ship, is advanced and organised enough to keep everything pristine.  Although there are plenty of upgrades to initialise since the journey.

1st wave PTU has arrived.  Public testing and footage of 3.0 is everywhere as of first thing this UTC morning.

My Brigade to-do list reached 60 items and now diminishes dramatically as I publish saved content and go to work on getting us involved for what will be for the first time: continual Brigade development and GAME-PLAYING.  3.0 won't be chock-full of stuff (there are about 50-70 hours) you can expect from an actual game, we know to prepare for this - it will be fairly sparse for the average player, but if CR commits to quarterly releases us hardcore fans will be sated.  With new recruits, there will be a reason for myself to steadily be involved.  Rest assured I am warming up with networking and recruitment now the PTU is here and I can not wait until the day comes when I no longer endure CIG's painful release schedule delays.

You can expect announcements about our COMMS system; what Brigade will be and do in 3.0; membership activity, and more.  With movement going forward on an array of vocabulary for our Handbook; new tools and resources covering everything Brigade are involved with; a flush-out of out-dated and useless website stuff; gearing-up for streaming; our zeroGravity partnership; a recent team module and functionality coded into the website, and MORE!

While I wait for my PTU invite I guess I'll go clean my cryo-pod and pack that baby away for good.

EDIT - News just in:
Tomorrow will be the Subscribers and Concierge release for 3.0 PTU.  Things are moving along quickly.  Also, check out all the new announcement and feedback requests:

Prepping for 3.0
VOIP and Spectrum
Your Roles, Ships and play times
Our friends at zero Gravity


24th Nov 2017 B.Aseron
Scratch that... found it. Shit. $400, and no CCU.

Well, goodbye Carrack, seems like I am keeping you BMM. No big loss there. BMM has really grown on me.
Also, it seems like DA CLAW got a $50 price jump as well.

Up side:
Looks like BMM to crucible is still on the table (will be at least when all manufacturers are put on sale - as it is now, only can buy CCU's between available ships).

Crucible seems like fun. It also is probably one of the best looking ships in the game.
24th Nov 2017 B.Aseron
Holy sandworm's ba!!sack
I thought the subscriber/concierge was slotted for 24 days from now?

As a sidenote... wasn't the anni-sale suppose to start today? Where is my Carrack CCU!!!
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