Chief's Letter #7
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Aug 2017
Letters from the Chief
I didn't think I'd be playing Citizen hardly at all before 3.0 hit, but as it happens I've been in and out of the game a fair bit.  Since the last letter and video of my gamer's PC setup, I have acquired my very cool wireless head-tracker which was just released a few weeks ago from EdTracker and is the only wireless out there.  Along with this, I have the Switpoint Z-Mouse which is a sophisticated piece of kit.  I've jumped right in to test these out and I am very happy.  With England being pretty rainy for a while and 3.0 being pushed back more than a sweaty, pimple-faced geek puckering-up to a prom queen, there's even more time for pilot practice in Arena Commander; I'm a tad rusty.

New Cogs for the Machine:   Brigade has piqued interest this month from a brand new handful of citizens on the Spectrum, which I hope to see trial us.  It looks like our advertising is working - we just need that 3.0 snowball.  Gnomeffinway has keenly joined us and stepped into some practice right off the bat.  Welcome!  A pleasure to have a wingman.  07

YOU Choose:   Brigade does seem to have everything else going on, so why not an official YouTube channel too.  There is a detailed post up in the suggestions forum and as members, it is your obligation to vote and get involved; what would you like to see on there?  Our direction in 3.0, practice beforehand and our very first event is detailed for discussion in our forums too.  Go show your enthusiasm for Brigade and get shaping its future.  We are foremost: a team.  07

Hype!:   Has anyone heard about the slow walk > normal walk > pacey walk > jog > run feature that is bound to the mouse wheel in 3.0?  That is going to feel really sweet.

Chiefly yours,


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