Lost and Found
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Jul 2017
Lore Cast

Your suit and boots play home to the sand, dust and rubble you've collected on your exploration of the moon's surface, which now deposits upon the dash of your vessel as you navigate a new orbit above.  Casually using the COMM to chat with your fellow teammates while admiring the view from the cabin, you turn to make a study of the scanner but your eyes stay put - what is that you see?  A speck of shadow protrudes unnaturally among the dips and rises of the moon's facade.  Something large enough to see from up here causes you to feel the beat in your chest and a tremor on your lips.  It has been told that there is a 'big find' lost out there somewhere and you just know that you are the first to locate it.

Setting a course fast and true, you anticipate the excitement on COMM and gleam in wonder; is it the wreck of a Bengal?  A Javelin?  A Kingship?  The Artemis...

Is it not the ultimate goal on a dutiful explorer's list to learn what finally occurred with the Artemis and its 5000 passengers lost all those years ago.  Either way, one thing is clear: our future universe is waiting to be found and this Brigade member is prepping for the mission.  I estimate that my ship and supplies will be flight ready by the end of the next month.

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