Chief's Letter #6
Chief.Neil 1 Comments · 1st Jul 2017
Letters from the Chief
Eager cogs,

the heat is now off as I chill in knowing I'm all setup and ready to play, play play.  We had some scorching days last month here in the UK and now the temperature has lowered to a more enjoyable level.  I have my new larger tablet screen setup (vid below); will have my wireless head tracking built within a few weeks time, and have tidied my cables so I can now stretch my legs out underneath my desk.  Oh yes.

Phew:   The pressure is off after our posters are out and our new advertisements have been voiced - and are live on the Base Radio too - which is fantastic; we really have it all out there for people to understand exactly what we are about.  I truly believe it sounds like fun and is right in time for the huge interest 3.0 will be getting in 6-8 weeks time.  We have Gamescom and CitizenCon to look forward to and bring more people to the universe as well.  Oh and Squadron 42 anyone?  Exciting!

Still tinkering:   Our forums have an added section called: Brigade's Academy,  where our Handbook is included for full members and quality hand-picked learning resources will be homed.  Over this weekend there will be a small reshuffle of posts moving from their tempory location in the 'Polls, Suggestions and Minor Announcements' forum into their correct dept. sections instead, and a thought to improving that forum altogether.  Stay tuned.

Preparing for 3.0:  There is an important post to contribute to this month: Preparing for 3.0.  With the Evocati happening soon we will no doubt get leaked footage that will help us learn and prepare for our new universe.  I want to have a plan for Brigade within that universe, Arena Commander and Star Marine and this thread will help with get us ready for it all to enjoy it right off the bat (we are super organised after all).

 - Chief
"Accept no nox offs"

2nd Jul 2017 zazingwa
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