At What Cost?
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Jun 2017
Lore Cast


Hu-Xa passes, and with it new information regarding the assassination attempt on the Imperator.

Cloudy as it is, knowledge regarding the attempt on Imperator Costigan's life one fortnight previous, contains yet more usage of the drug e'tâm (flow, blinder, ticktock).  Do Brigade's science-inspired individuals have interests in discovering the makeup of a drug that perhaps has potential without the monstrous side effects?  Speculation suggests that the widening of Brigade's study within the Stanton system forthcoming, will result in contact with the substance at some juncture.  Our Security and Combat Dept.   hastens a caution: know no trust in anyone outside of your team, and understand when to see a casual disregard of the humane; a common sign of e'tâm use.

For those wishing to dig further, New United has an article on assailant Maurice Vano.  And on a lighter note, does it look like our new Xi'an trading partners could be moving into Stanton home sooner than we think?  Whatever the economic outcome to the treaty, it sure is going to be interestingly fun.

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