Chief's Letter #5
Chief.Neil 3 Comments · 1st Jun 2017
Letters from the Chief
Pinks and oranges, we close another sleepy month...

...but not an altogether uneventful one.  It is a pleasure to stop by our website each day to see chatty fellows bringing their thoughts and salutations.  This summer is going to be a happy one for me as I ready myself for 3.0, with my home improvements complete (wonderful garden to sit in) and a little money in my pocket to spend on Brigade's future.

New Cogs for the Machine:   Turning the forum gears lately - Zazingwa is welcomed to Brigade as a trial this month.  There's certainly some pink on the member page now, all of which we hope to blossom into oranges later this year if you like your stay and pass the Basics.  Oh-sevens to you, and let's welcome in your friends for 3.0 too.

Shining Among the Stars:  Brigade is all set up and raring to go, but we are a very tiny group.  Since after our renewed identity early in the year, your chief has been working on a new up-to-date recruitment video along with a new interactive 'Brigade Basics' slideshow for our trial members, which replaces the temporary, and rather shoddy, video we had.  Whilst the slideshow is still in some early stages and I hope to improve upon it as and when, it has already undergone an iteration or two.  The recruitment video, however, is complete and published!  Are we on the road to being the Best Damn Space Org EVER, or what.

Other news:   Recently the activity feed on the homepage is now fully operational, and with it, a move of the chat to the homepage too, giving our members an 'everything in one place' feel for a typical check in on what's occurring day-to-day.  It is features like these that make Brigade's website stand out over other communities out there, and I can only be positive in knowing our new recruitment video, and our website re-design back at the beginning of the year, will show our professionalism to people looking for an org.

Some important topics make their way into our forums, notably polls and suggestions about how we feel about smuggling, and views on alliances, affiliations, and partners.  Taxation, and Operation Pitchfork are up for discussion as well.  With Citizen still in a pre-alpha stage, we have plenty of time to relax on these topics, but I do find myself intrigued nonetheless and look forward to the time when the outcomes of these topics are actionable.

Cheers dudes, dudettes, and Dudos.  07
 - Neil

5th Jun 2017 zazingwa
!%#@! yeah
3rd Jun 2017 Lord Mulmir
Awesome vid :)
1st Jun 2017 B.Aseron
Great Video!

Whenever I watch it I always sing in my head "Its a Small World After All"
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