Chief's Letter #4
Chief.Neil 1 Comments · 1st May 2017
Letters from the Chief
Friends, Brigaders, Cogrymen...?

Whilst it's nice to chill with some quiet time, I've certainly had my fair share this month when it comes to Star Citizen, having hardly touched the latest patches.  Landing on planets can not come soon enough, but it is the teaming with my fellows that I'm looking forward to most, and I want to pick up the pace this year.  This year that will be BIG for all us Citizen fans.

It is a pleasure to hand out points and awards to y'all, which happened a bunch this month, seeing Frankie, Aseron, Dudo and Matthijs with stuff; it is great to see the cogs turning at Brigade, knowing it is all working well.  Matthijs collected the Distinguished Aid award for his 'SO's Plan', and activities as a Dept. Head, so thanks pal!  There is a new page created on the site that details who got points and for what for too, which you can find a link to from the 'Nominations' section.

Brigade when pro-gamer(!) with its official brand line of merchandise earlier last month; a section for this can be found in the website's top menu.  Having dealt with the providers of the merchandise for some time, I can say with confidence how good the quality of materials are and the build they produce is (even tho it is a tad pricey sometimes).  All profits go back into the survival of Brigade.

New Cogs for the Machine:  Welcome Dudo (Dudonja) to our team, who joins us as our recent trial.  Hope you love it here, and any questions - bring 'em.  07  Also a massive salute to Aseron who after a shootout with some 'Duul, showed us that 'Basics' were no problem, and became a full member.

We got Shizzled:   With the move to Spectrum the ability to find potential trialers is not quite so straightforward as it once was.  I think it is important for us to gain positive word of mouth about our community at this early stage of member growth, to show while we may be small in number, we are not small in ambition, organisation, efficiency, and most importantly - fun.  Thanks for everyone who has upvoted our recruitment post.  Just as 3.0 hits us I'll be very present within the Spectrum recruitment, and in-game chats.   I want 3.0 to be the time where Brigade expands, and I need your help.  Your help to be the Best Damn Space Org Ever.

...all we have to do is be patient while this next quiet month passes.

- Neil

10th May 2017 T.Gaul (Dudonja)
Thanks we talk in private i very much loven it...:). Yes we definitly need to prepare for 3.0 because will bring a bunch new we all need to promote our Organization in the best possible way....i am sure next mont our org will start to grow very fast. And thanks to few "old" guys in team structure of organization and spirit is prepare very well..see you in verse soon (still in Germany)....
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