Colours of the Spectrum
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 16th Apr 2017
Lore Cast
Our universe is going to be a colorful one. The Xi'an are in the news a fair bit lately; I think we might be getting the start of an alien vibe and certainly a multicultural one with 3.0. Speaking Xi'an is notably worthwhile, so say an interviewee from Plain Truth, for profitable and easier going trades with the turtle lookalikes, which may help when it comes to attempting to negotiate the 10,000 page trade agreement written for dealings with the Xi'an.

Also, acquiring notability in our future universe is that Shubin, starting this April, are transitioning their Mining Technology Center to embrace a broader research mandate. I think we could expect Shubin to have a number of jobs open to us in August. Also, continuing our expectation for what our future with alien races holds, Shubin published this (excerpt) in their monthly report recently:

QuoteThis month’s featured independent operator is Proctor Procurement, which manages a Starfarer fleet in the Davien System. Run as a Banu-Human joint venture, Proctor Procurement will be providing valuable assistance in transporting refined gasses to our main distribution center as well as lending their experience and knowledge to improve our growing transport needs in the system. If you happen to find yourself in system, comm the outstanding members of Proctor Procurement and give them a warm welcome.

Banu-Human... Xi'an-Human. Plenty of colorful happenings. Speaking of something less colorful: the shady dealings of the drug commonly known as 'flow' are popping up more and more within the Spectrum. Also, known as 'blinder' and 'ticktock', its Xi'an name is 'E'tâm - where it originates. Interesting if the effects on Xi'an physiology are more stable than that of Humans...

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