Chief's Letter #3
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Apr 2017
Letters from the Chief
Good morning, good day, good evening and good night,

depending of course in which particular you may be reading within.  A quiet month has passed, which has been nice as I play some various games with friends, to see what's out there.  The Star Marine hype had simmered a few weeks ago, as I notice a considerable drop in new people subscribing (I step into the official RSI site a few times a day for recruitment).  This isn't to worry however as both 3.0 and SQ42 is a very confident release this year - and boy what a head turner that is going to be.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of my fellow gamers over the years take up trial with us, as well as friends of Mac and Frankie too as planetary landings become a thing.  Brigade could quadruple in size over night, and if it doesn't, well I'll get there eventually.

This April sees a wonderful user-friendly improvements to our PU which honestly makes me happy to log into the game now; for a long time it has been an infuriating experience at times, and this is a welcomed change.  Also this April I'll be picking up on a special addition to Brigade's recruitment drive as I prep a script (more on that next month) and put aside some funds for its production.  Got your interests?  Hmm, what could it be...

New Cogs for the Machine:
Welcome, welcome, welcome Mr Frankie_bones to the Brigade base; the Cog club. Ooh-severn to you, good sir o7.  Thanks for bringing the tea and pistols, and enjoy your stay.  We'll be hitting the 262 patch soon for a play.  Excellent.

A worthy mention:
Mathijs has been very busy with something called real life?  I'm uncertain what that is but I do get a hint of it sometimes when I look outside the office window.  As such our head of the security department is stepping into a more suited position of Brigader for the foreseeable.  Mathijs has brought a lot to Brigade since its institution and thus there is a certain reservation on the role he leaves, which would be a tough replacement.  Mathijs is first on the list until that time may come.
See y'all in the 'verse, and remember: 262 in 60fps - oh damn hell yes.

- Chief

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