Storm Warning
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Mar 2017
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Quote“If you’re looking to blast a target out of the solar system, the Hurricane gets the job done. Just don’t get caught flying solo.” – Commander Jackson Russell, UEE Navy (Ret.)
The 'Six Shooter', a little ship with big guns; Anvil's Hurricane available this year, 2947, boys.  Those who know the Chief well knows he loves his guerrilla warfare; hit & run, and if you are in the same boat, enjoying the taking down of targets in moments of opportunity, then the arrival of the Hurricane to the civilian market is an exciting prospect.  This can be seen an ideal candidate for wings in Brigade's initial membership number as our communication, awareness and tactics during battle trumps larger unorganised groups.  An adapt Hurricane pilot burning in for a gunning-run could be like calling in an air strike; taking out targets with fast power within the safely of precise information and calls.

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Stoddard released a Transportation Policy poll recently, if you haven't partaken or wish to view the results you can do so here.  Attempting to portray the current PU situation; a player's own RP perspective, or a projection of what the release version will be like, the results will be largely skewed.  However CIG may very well use the data to form an upcoming 3.0 experience regarding trade and transportation, and security and combat.

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Run down: it shows that most 1-3 year experienced pilots who fly a few times a week, feel moderately safe flying their primary, quantum and jump enabled, vessel through UEE space, but see the UEEs efforts in safety as very average.  Most would return fire at attacking outlaws, where the lost of ships was by far due to combat in this regard; pilots want military grade weapons purchasable for their civilian ships.  A lot of pilots are looking to purchase a new ship soon and consider efficiency and reliability some of the strongest incentives.  In flight lanes, pilots want more freedom over their ship speed control.

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