Chief's Letter #2
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Mar 2017
Letters from the Chief
Howdy readers,

March has arrived, and happens to be my favourite time of the year as spring is just around the corner.  It is about this time I look out from my man-cave window and want to go for a stroll.  Of course if 3.0 was here I'd happily be taking that stroll around a virtual planet's surface instead..

New Cogs for the Machine:
Welcome, friend - this month introduces us to Mac, aka Macrossfrontier, who is trialling us.  Step this way and let me get the door behind you *lock!*.  There is no escape.  Welcome aboard.  o7

I've tweaked the website this month since the new design went ahead; some graphical improvements here and there to add a touch of extra quality, along with a couple of interactive additions to the News section to make it lively.  You can expect more additions as things become available from Spectrum.  New emotes have also been added for our usage on the forums and in and around the site.  They are Citizen and Brigade themed, and if you have some more ideas then please do tell.  Our 'Are you new to Star Citizen?' post has gone yet another edit for better reading, updated content and extra info also - might be worth a look for some of you.

The 261 patch brought us an unforgiving bug and feature removal that means grouping with each other in the PU has taken a step backwards.  The PU bugs continue to make it an infuriating place; we desperately need 3.0.  Couple this with the bad ESP and we have a somewhat unplayable fighter experience currently.  As I remeber saying, CIG should have help 261 for two weeks longer and got it sorted - now we are in for a long wait for fixes.  Star Marine and Arena Commander however are excellent places for us to have some fun in when the fixes are in, with the later especially ideal for practising how we team together.  Want to do that in 262? - Give your Chief a shout.  Hopefully by the end of the month.

Also, jump on TS and join myself and Aaron as we find some games to play - all of which are open to fun suggestions.  Lastly, before dropping in a new idea, I'm in the process of preparing a script.  Yes...  That's all I'm saying for now.  :hype:

Role on, you crazy player:
We aren't a role playing group, but the universe out there will shape and prod us continuously as we spend time within it; there will be members that enjoy creating and involving themselves with lore, and I certainly have some fun on TS and the site will a smidgen of RP.  So, from now on we'll have 'lore news' one or two times a month whenever something fun happens in-game; whenever we find Star Citizen lore is impacting Brigade somehow, and whenever our fellow Cogs come up with something themselves.

Phew, long letter..

o7 team.

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