Chief's Letter #1
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 2nd Feb 2017
Letters from the Chief
Welcoming Aseron this month to our trials (and 2.6 tribulations).  Hopefully some more successful parking jobs for 2.6.1, eh Az?  Your chief has been busy recruiting through the usual trends, but as Star Marine hype extinguishes (and rightly so, what a disappointment after all this waiting.  Salty!) so too do the new citizens in the 'verse.  I've noticed some established organisations falling off the radar as CIG leave us dire for content.

Brigade will be set ready for 3.0, but don't grab your starting blocks just yet.  I've had a May release in mind for 3.0 for some time, but even this feels too soon.  Very much a sad panda face, but it is what it is and these things take time.
The next patch will release closer to the end of this month, and brings us much improved stability and frame rates, as well as new marine combat additions into Star Marine and the PU.  2.6.2 then introduces the mega map, which will make our universe seamless.  Great!

As you can see, Brigade has a new image; there is plenty to read in my previous announcement post for Brigade 2.0, so check it out.  Looking professional will aid in our recruitment, along with the host of new website features and implementation, which I'm conveying in recruitment messages.  I'm also pointing potentials directly to the website now.

Personally I've had a lot of fun watching and participating with a couple of Twitch steamers this month, having joined them and their viewers into the game to shoot some 'Duul and fly missions.  Hoping to get some play time with Aaron in a new game or two as well; if you fancy something different - hit us up on TeamSpeak.

Have fun all. o7

Ya Chief,
one. all. team

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