Theme 2.0 - Website, Handbook, Identity.
Chief.Neil 1 Comments · 1st Feb 2017
New Year, new us.  Or something like that.  Brigade has unified its uniform.  Our colours run true throughout the entire brand as of today.  As well as a few tweaks to our Spectrum org page, recruitment (including new messages and updated graphics), Tactical Reference document and Welcoming Letter, and this newly created Newsletter, we also have:

Handbook 2.0
Themed throughout; individualized; fleshed out Marine information; added tips; new definitions and Channel Commander section.

Website 2.0
General clean-up of pages to narrow their focus; new CSS fonts, backdrop and images for a more exciting experience; relevancy; bug removal; menu reshuffle.  Transported all images to a new host due to Drop Box sharing changes and added detailed footer.  Greatly reduced the scroll lenght of the pages to provide most info in 'one page load'.  New way to see online members and chat to them implemented for every page via a handy window.

Now personalized to the logged member.

  • Added a profile panel
  • Added the member's current rank/role here at Brigade
  • Made for an improved (first visting) guest experience, enabling them to contact us and register with ease
  • Changed the donations panel to a team friendly alternative and opened this to everyone
  • Removed less-personal panels

To make finding new posts easier, newly created topics now appear on our homepage's activity feed.  Many forums sections/posts have been removed to keep things streamlined and present (esp for new members); others have been removed to make for an easier experience for trial members due to less expectations and information wanted from them, as well as less pressure for Officers/SOs to make documentation.

Stratcom members will be stickied to the Introduction forum, as key members of our community.  They are encourage to update information here as they change and grown withing SC and the real world.

The event module has had improvements: timezones should update correctly thoughtout now; a pop out of attendees works on hover of events, and some sorting options for users are there to look up tethered events (their types from tags and colours).
The event page now incorporates our members owned ships (Brigade's fleet), favourite roles and play times.  This helps to plan the events from the (stratcom) creation module, as well as help our members decide what they could bring to an event to help.

Gave the page a 'full' feeling for news by adding new features:

  • Links to various news related points of interest
  • Tag Cloud for hot topics
  • Image slide for what users can expect us to talk about
  • Panel detailing when users can expect news

The members page has also gained a few features that present us with more information regarding our team:

  • Member of the Moment - for whatever reason, someone will always be in the limelight!
  • Upcoming birthdays (hopefully more cake all around)
  • Roster.  Those awarded with either our Ace or Professional Excellency awards are shown here
  • Twitch - members' and affliates' streams.  Gaming is moving more away from videos and heading further in the direction of live streaming, thus our video slide got stale.  Modernized

Awards and Nominations

Brand new!  A new page can be found in our menu that replaces our 'awards nomination forum'.  In the new page we have a simple format for members to comment what they believe are deserved nominations for awards and points.  Also within this page are two panels that show a little about how members interact on the site, and a panel that lists by category, our members and their roles.  These are intended to help give us some extra insight to, and find members, we may be nominating.  As Brigade grows, so will this page look fuller.  Automatic award handouts have also been set up for a handful of awards, making Neil's life easier.


A long time coming; Brigade now has a full NEW shiny set of award graphics that replace all the placeholder ones.  Giving role holders the opportunity to use their badges with pride, as avatars here on the site and elsewhere in the 'verse if they choose, as well as generally looking just fucking great.

This has all been a large undertaking.  With 3.0 on the near horizon (if I reach out I feel I can almost grab it..) and Brigade looking the business, I anticipate new interest.

Good luck.

team Brigade
one. all. team

1st Feb 2017 Chief.Neil
Waiting on graphics still; hoped I'd have them ready for today, but website needed a massive testing (quite a few bugs/changes). Soon TM.
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