December's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 2nd Jan 2017
Letters from the Chief
Welcome to the new year.  It's going off with a bang. the head.

Our partnership with the ACC ended today.  Perhaps they may even recognise it by the end of this year, considering their correspondence is absolute zero.  All the benefit therein of this alliance has therefore been abolished, which can be read here:  ACC forum post. Also as from today, any trial member can hold thier position here at Brigade for the period up to a mid-beta release of Citizen (and beyond dependant of their most recent starting).  Full members cannot.  With this the following members now hold the position of Trial, with any reward befitting a full member, removed.

Zxixa (Aaron)
Crimzion (Mark)

Full members are required to participate within the website regularly each month, as a team member.

The previous member: Hurrey (Nick), has been removed from membership entirely due to their unannounced departure.

The spectrum organization page for tB has been updated to reflect these changes, as well as having been removed, three other people from the membership listing.  Our current membership total now shows 5, down from 10, our highest amount.  Not a great start to the year, but certainly an honest one.

It is 100% unfair for any new interest here to not have 100% support, and this expungment guarantees that.

Star Marine and the changes to the PU have enticed a large number of people back into the game, a well as many new players.  Our recruitment messages have tripled since the 2.6 release.  I have adapted to include more information within these messages, our recruitment post and all correspondence, including how our current active members equal just one, and that there is a clear, clean game related mil-sim experience to be had.

I'm currently in the process of finding another organization for myself to enroll into so I actually have some teammates to play with.  Fucking depressing as it is, that's the truth of the matter.  I doubt I will find what I am looking for, which is the whole purpose of my creation of Brigade in the first place.

You may read this as drama on my behalf.  It is not.  I am to the point, which is what Brigade is also about - get organized, be truthful, no bullshit - no time wasting, so we can get in and have fun when we want to.  Simple.

Here's to a shiny future.

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