November's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 17th Nov 2016
Letters from the Chief

So 2.6 and an array of features is not far off.  Probably.  With 3.0 being worked on by another team this means that 3.0 is not dependent upon 2.6, and is also on the horizon fairly soon (some say maybe before Xmas).  With these Citizen becomes sort of, pretty much, an actual game; something that I'm looking forward to.
With CIG putting Star Marine out there the interest this will receive is going to be large.  Older players will return for some time and newer FPS players will arrive.  3.0 brings a larger PU to explore and the two together is a means for Brigade to finally be able to grow in terms of both play style and experience, which is exactly what is needed to go into the beta confident.  I want to be on the bandwagon in this exciting time with Brigade back in full swing.

I've been doing away with anything regimental in our team for some time since the beginning with the latest tuning made to our Basic Training, which now is referred to as our Introduction Program.  A pleasant way to introduce trial members to understanding exactly how we operate and if we are a good fit for them.  With this the (tad more formal) event creation / taking of the old Basics is no longer required - gone is the time planning, waiting and stress of repeating this with every new potential Brigader and in its stead will be an introduction video covering everything the 'training' used to - all easy to follow, pause, repeat and view in the member's preferred time.  With their SO and the rest of our team available to help them whenever they need.

I want the right kind of people joining us so we can go ahead doing things the right (awesome) way: protecting our assets; surving the battle; covering every angle; making the fastest profits, and being called up as some of the best.

Let's dizzle this shizzle.

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