August's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 7th Aug 2016
Letters from the Chief

we've all done our fair share of exploration around the locations within our PU and I can say it truly is feeling like an MMO is there.  With the 2.5 and 2.6 content, we are expecting a huge improvement to our FPS experience (and finally getting rid of that horrid head tilting) overall, as well as the addition of Star Marine.  This is huge .

The FPS may really rope in new interest from players, and of course, allow Brigade to practice our entire principles together.  Recording how we play and team together will entice players to our organisation.

Also we'll have an entire new station (pirate-themed, within an asteroid..!) to enjoy; new HUD graphics, and a solid landing mechanic being introduced.  This is super good content coming this year.  With it all, we can create some RP scenarios in which we can get a feel to what Brigade will be when the game is in beta.

Recruiting is a perpetual thing for me, as I spend time each day writing to fellow Citizens and spreading tB's information.  There is a post on recruitment here that I have updated, and where feedback is wanted.

We have our website and TeamSpeak paid-in-full for another year - Brigade is set and ready to go at a moments notice.

Around the Verse has improved greatly this new season as they have removed and altered sections within the show and up'd the quality.  You should definitely check them out.

It really is a pleasure having you all here; I can't for future gaming - it's going to be epic!

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