July's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 4th Jul 2016
Letters from the Chief
The last month has been a successful one with lots of tuning going on within our structure - everywhere.  I've had a big grin on my face most of the time.

The major of these has been in two parts of the same area: how we gain the best members.  Our two latest Brigaders, Nick and Tops, and our trial, Tommy, show just how this is working, and have helped to test and refine the Basics training and recruitment information alike.  Our Basics has been made more easily digestible and open to questions throughout - feeling friendlier and natural; it is now more intuitive for people who are interested in us to get in contact and find the details they need to make a decision to check into us further; and our biggest, newest edition to add to all of this is our Supervising Officer duties, trial procedures and guidelines (the SO's Plan).

This plan is there to help our SO's and our trial members do everything important when it comes to finding if we fit well together; have the things a trial is looking for in an organisation, and to give support and direction throughout their trial time.  Matthijs has done a wonderful job with the document, in which they have my applause and gratitude.  Cheers dude!

With members away for holidays, busy work times and illness, things haven't been as quiet as I'd have thought around here.  It is with confidence that Brigade will be renewing this website and continuing recruitment with high expectations for the coming new year.

Thanks everyone for your support - let do this!


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