April's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 29th Mar 2016
Letters from the Chief
Springtime has arrive in England.

I've not been following the patches since my last letter, but it looks as though there is nothing new content-wise other than a couple of weapons and ships.  I'll deffo be watching the next ATV to see what is coming around the corner.  Hopefully easier downloads.

Brigade is moving on again after some hiatus.  We welcome Aaron and Mark as a full member, and Seraphina who seems very friendly and is taking a look around to see what we are about.

Some of us are playing Tom Clancy's The Division, as well as Tanks and Heroes of the Storm.  We even dabbled in a bit of Black Desert too.  As Star Citizen and Brigade is a long term project, I'm keen to enjoy lots of other gaming this summer; hopefully with a new more stable job so I can spend some money on gaming and plan my gaming time better too.  Proper gamer me

Recruiting using the RSI site is opening again, as is meeting new people through other games.  Hopefully we will have some streaming going on too from one of our members.  Training / practicing has taken place a little here and there, especially within The Division, where we are able to use some marine communication and tactics.  Lots of fun!

My goal for the coming month is to get more involved on our TeamSpeak server and website, to liven things up a bit around here.  Although considering our small group the chatter may be slight, I encourage everyone to visit here often, take part in the forums and tell us about yourselves and let us know what you are playing.  If you are interested in Brigade - show your support and get involved.  Tell your friends about us; bump our recruitment post (the link is right there on the tB website); grab a mic and get online.  Because if you want this to survive it is going to take much more than just your chief.

one. all. team  - folks

Do it!

 - Neil

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