December's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 7th Dec 2015
Letters from the Chief

Long time no see.


So I thought I'd skip a month's news for November as there was so very little happening with CIG and Brigade.   Here we are some many weeks after the convention with a PU to check out, and this means I'll finally be spending three days downloading the latest and heading into something somewhat stable and interesting.   But to be honest, I'm in no hurry.   This is because the group of friends I play online with have no intentions of picking up the game until release and I have been unsuccessful in promoting Brigade for recruitment purposes.   Currently we are sitting at a less than 1% membership turnaround - which is abysmal.

So where are we currently?   We are solidly set-up and ready to go!   Having been so for two months now.   Within the ACC and our friends at ZG, there are plenty of people to join in with, and we should.   I'll be online casually, exploring and socialising WHEN the Live experience is running, having semi-cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription starting 20th Dec.

What about the future?   Well, I'm very keen to enjoy gaming come this Summertime, which is when the latest expansion comes from Blizzard's game.   I'll be joining my friends either within this or there will be enough of Star Citizen and Brigade to enjoy here.

Towards the end of July, our website domain registration, web account and TeamSpeak is due for renewal.   The intention is to spread the cost of renewal through donations from members, which I have not implemented to date.   Having fronted the £85 fees, I do not wish to do so come July.   Depending on success, I will either be disbanding the community via vote, stepping down or paying a share and continuing.

Either way, there's plenty of fun and positivity to be had.

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