October's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Oct 2015
Letters from the Chief
Greets, fellow citizens of the Verse.

There has been some fulfilling, and very full, months previous as Brigade has been built up piece by piece, or more accurately: chunk by chunk.  It is very exciting for me to have seen my hard work acquire us a position within the ACC, and I want to offer them everything Brigade's has for a strong support in all the fun things we can achieve together.  While our chat box may be quieter than an empty library, we actually hold the interest of eight different people who have simply yet to commit to Star Citizen, and that of three others who I've yet to properly meet.

With so little of Star Citizen to enjoy presently, the GIM not functioning well, and a huge, huge gap since any decent content was released, it isn't surprising that people are just not excited to get involved.  With my work done for the time being, I'm happy to sit on our tB egg and wait for our little baby PU to hatch.  And with saying that, I've subbed to World of Warcraft and am having lots of fun within PVP and the arenas with my friends.

But wait Neil, what - you're playing another game??

Yep!  I've grown tiered and bored waiting for something to happen with SC.  I'm also under stress currently and have been generally unhappy with work and income, so am busy trying to pick myself up and get some kind of smile back.  The idea is that tB will have an intelligent, enthusiastic and happy group of leaders to spread tasks and run our community, whilst I keep things on track as the Chief.

- This means I'm actively recruiting every day and will be available for anyone as often as I have the chance; am getting my 'RL' sorted ready for a big release, and am playing WoW because it's fun! (if anyone is looking at playing, please allow me to do this for the Cindermane Charger)

CitizenCon is this month and I look forward to joining Teamspeak and 'whooping' at what we see in the footage of the event.  

That's all until next month folks!


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