The Allied Commerse Coalition
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 22nd Sep 2015
Team, we have been accepted into the Allied Commerce Coalition, and with it are now partnered with a collection of likeminded communities, including our more recent friends at Zero Gravity.

This is big news!  I'm really happy about this, it is something I've wanted for our community since the beginning and thought that a partnership of this magnitude would not be open to us until much further on in our development.pens, after being interviewed with members of the ACC board, our own morals and principles coupled with the commitment to our goals, has proven to give the ACC confidence in our integration with them.

The Allied Commerce Coalition have seven organization members, including ourselves, and are partnered with The Galactic Business Federation.

What does this mean for us?  Well the ACC support each other in many avenues, including: prosperity, security and friendship, as well as offering quality connections outside the ACC.  Our team will have access to resources which will create opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to us, and are presented with a player base that will enhance our own community.

Events, competitions and communication servers will be presented with us in mind as we cooperate our activities in a fun way.

There is a large forum post here that gives many more details, explanations and is open to questions members have, as well as information on our 'Partners' page which you can access from the main menu.

Let's look forward to joining in.  \o/

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