September's Letter
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Sep 2015
Letters from the Chief
Good day all,

welcome to this month's newsy rundown of what's occurred, occurring and to be occurred.  There will likely be one of these every month to help keep people up-to-date at a glance and to show how we are developing to our new guests and trials.


Advertising tB is in constant action as I spend time every day in contact with new people, and elaborate on our principles - such as our roles and positions - in our recruitment posts.  Spending some considerable time one weekend, 50 messages went out to potential small orgs after researching over a few hundred for possible mergers.  I'll be certain to let everyone know how that goes.

Please welcome Mark, Chris, Coleman and Gray who have joined us this month to take part in some SC and tB to see how they like it here.  With how small the alpha game is, it is positive to see interest as people join-up for what's to come.

Our website has gone through some changes as I take out things that we do not want, get bugs fixed (still two to do) and get extra modules working for us, such as the videos and awards.  It is easy to add videos and pictures you may want to share and you are encouraged to do so - enjoy!  Our RSI homepages have also been updated with graphics this month, and are open to new sharper visuals from any talented artist that comes our way.

At the start of the month I began work on the awards and these are now in full swing, with our first being handed out to Matthijs, as our very first full member and Brigader.

The forums are brimming with all the information I can think of to provide for our new trials; getting close to 90 posts myself.  Phew!  I'm looking closely for all members that are keenly interested in getting involved on the forums regularly, for those very important department head positions we are going to want filled for release.

Lastly, we have some new friends  \o/ .  I'm happy to give a brief bit of info regarding partnering with a very friendly group over at Zero Gravity, who are a like minded org offering an interchange of COMMS and gamely playtime.  Also, we have made the first steps towards membership into a very suitable alliance, that I feel will benefit us greatly in both friendships and resources.  A different more informative news post will go up later this month, on the subject.

I'll leave you with the Nyx landing zone that we can expect to see added to Star Citizen's social module soon.  Can't wait to eventually fly out of the hanger!

Note: this news was mailed to your email.  Only the most important news/messages will be emailed to you, and I felt that this news warranted it.  You can expect this to happen very infrequently.  You can however subscribe to news whenever you like from your own website options.

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