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Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Aug 2015
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Hello all,

it's a quiet Saturday morning as I write, having awoken early with no jobs to do; the best kind of mornings.  I've taken a look at my inbox and scanned the Star Citizen site with a cuppa.  Ahh...

It's now been just three weeks since I began the team Brigade vision, although you could argue it has been many years...  I have had intent to get very much involved in an MMO like I had back in 2004 with Eve Online, which continued quickly into the wonderful World of Warcraft in 2005, but I always thought this would come a bit later on when I had good time and money.  However, bringing everything together for Brigade has proved to be quite easy - and I guess it is due to much practice since 2004.

It is a nice feeling knowing everything is set and that this last week has seen myself just tinkering with small improvements to all of our forums, structure and docs.

Recruitment is going well: we have Matthijs and Aaron to welcome as they nose around and see if they like it here.  Hey  o/  .  The 'New Recruits' and 'LFG' forums on the RSI are not short of fellow citizens, and I haven't been shy in sending a short, friendly note to say 'hey, this is team Brigade, you may like it here'.

Our website and TS has been paid in full for a further 365 days!  I knew that our community would be ready for SC's PU very much by then, and our host made a *50% off* offer that could not be refused.  Seeing as my car pass its MOT with no advisories, I had some spending money.

With 1.1.5a giving us some more pesky missiles to avoid, I'll be recording us playing together so our short teaser-type recruitment video can be produced, as well as uploading our best teamwork and COMMS matches.

With some footage to see, I'm going to share our 'tips and tricks' to the SC community by posting them to the RSI.  There's nothing really secretive about them as many players will be discovering them all in their own time anyhow, and this can help promote us in good light.  Plus we can learn some more from everyone else.  Assimilated! 

If you happen to know someone who may like it here with us, please do give them a friendly nudge; friends, online or off; people you play with in AC, or someone nice you noticed on a forum.  I'm looking forward to growing.


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