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Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 14th Jul 2015
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Hello there!
Well, here we are after just four days.  The 33 page Handbook V.1 is published, which can be found in our forums to download; the Basics training program has been revisited and simplified into two parts; the Reference Guide and Welcoming Letter have been tweaked; 10 hours have gone into the website already; and TeamSpeak's design is underway.


So what else is there in store for us?  Well...
When it comes to building up a community from the vision of a few individuals, it can be a long beginning before reaching the middle.  The benefit of joining an established group of people is clear: you can feel confident that there will be active people to enjoy events with.

At team brigade we are at our long beginning, but the beauty of this is the rewarding nature of building into something from the ground up.  Just as we are building ourselves into Star Citizen in the same way.  There's plenty of time before the release of the PU, and what is fantastic is that we get to play a lot of the game beforehand - learning and growing with it.  I find this an excellent opportunity.

So what am I going to do for you?  Recruit!  And this is what I have in mind:
  • Set up our organization on the RSI website, much like the team's website here - smart and clear.
  • Create forum posts continually throughout the months in which Star Citizen progresses, to the org. recruitment section on the RSI.
  • Headhunt players from the RSI forums and AC that I feel may fit and be interested.
  • Create one or two simple videos of us playing as a team together in both Vanduul Swarm and PVP, using our usual COMMS shorthand, manoeuvres and leadership.
  • Create a short, fast paced recruitment video that showcases us in action, the team's motto, and sections from our handbook.
  • Send our video and details into Bored Gamer, a YouTube SC content publisher who has a recruitment section on their channel.
  • Have a recruitment poster developed and send it across to the RSI forum that homes many others.
  • Have signatures and logos designed from our team members.
  • Promote our 'rank' and department positions as interesting and involving areas to work towards or join in on.
  • Be careful with and in no rush of, advancing people through their Trial phase, so we can make sure we fit well together.
These are my goals, and I hope you will share them with me.  


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