Chief's Letter #26
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Mar
Letters from the Chief
Cogs and citizens of the stars,
it feels good to start addressing both alike as Brigade gets noticed by potential recruits and other interested individuals as we continue to promote ourselves with gusto this year.  Our News section is always publically available.

I'm enjoying myself more with our community as Brigade and Star Citizen fill with content, be that new members and in-game teaming or vocation gameplay and new systems in the 'verse.  My prediction for a great year is looking mighty.

I'm Persistent: As our live shows start on time, every time, 3 days a week; our 'Letter from the Chief' is here each month and other news, lore and Handbook updates (3.7.3 is released by the way) occur frequently, it is super cool to get the next stage of persistence in-game too, as from patch-to-patch our aUEC and vehicle/component purchases are saved.

As Brigade moves into more activity throughout this year, I'll be issuing our first persisting weekly event for anything gameplay and practice our members wish to enjoy; same day and time so our members can get into a groove for weekly teaming-up.

Shiny New Cogs for the Brigade Machine: a hearty welcome to Malkomi who trials us and who brought up a good topic asking ' Where is Brigade going', which you can check out a copy of my reply below this letter.

Oh and just so you heard it here officially: I'm going to be learning the Vanduul language when it is published (at the next CitCon?).  Yikes!

---'Where is Brigade going' excerpt:

Appreciating your interest, Malkomi.

Firstly I'd like to address combat.

While it looks as tho combat is going to be prevalent in Star Citizen, wherever you go, and that Brigade has our own combat knowledge as part of its requirement into full-member, combat itself is not Brigade's purpose.  In fact, I'd go as far as saying that 90% of our operations will seek to avoid it entirely.

Star Citizen's vehicles certainly have an arrangement of defences and armaments with very few so far having none of either (Greycat and ARGO) which insinuates combat is to be expected somewhere during play.  It is Brigade's intent to be ready for such encounters, at a minimum, to the basics that our Trial Introduction covers.  This is to say that there will definitely be citizens who do not make it past Trial when they are unable to action our basic Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

It is worth noting that being a capable fighter pilot is not a requirement here at Brigade, in truth being any kind of fighter pilot at all isn't; communication, organisation, readiness and SOP can be applied to manning a cargo bay as much as a vehicle designed for combat as a whole.  In fact, our Introduction Practice that is designed for a Trial to achieve their Basics award, allows them to spawn any kind of vehicle they choose.

Of course, our Introduction isn't all combat-related either and is actually quite lenient to complete.

From what I can gather from our current members, about 20% have enjoyment for combat and I sense that as we grow, this will continue - Star Citizen just has too much scope in so many other interesting vocations that combat will be a fun side-adventure as teams fulfil various missions they may have.

As for Brigade's first directions when the game releases, this is up in the air and will be decided upon by all our members.  Our Dept. Heads will formulate strategy and create large events to move into a region that a consensus has interests in and all our members can get involved within and enjoy.

Personally, I'm advocating for fluidity, transparency and individualism as an org and see us having Foward Operating Bases (FOB) for operations in certain systems before moving along for satisfaction in events elsewhere.  I also want our community to have appropriate support when our org events have meant that our teams might be many systems apart at any given time.  This is why Stratcom is composed to make happen.

I'm certain some of our members will want to settle somewhere; a base of their own to farm the land in an area or to generally operate from.  Members who want to do this will detail to our community their intent so we can support them; again, I do not want situations to occur where Brigade isn't ready to provide some level of support to any member at any time.

It is very early days yet (years before a 'release' so we have plenty of time to practice our organisation and communication, which as I've always envisioned, will be second to none in the Star Citizen universe.

Now go invite your friends.

As always,
one. all. team

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