The Fidelity of our Future
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 5th Feb
I have an unacceptable level of care here at Brigade

Some examples:
  • long bouts of inactivity from members who have no intention of teaming up with other members
  • members who have never visited our Twitch channel and supported the shows
  • a string of 7 Feedback forum posts dating back to December 2017 with zero replies or feedback in other fashion from our members
  • no help of any kind with recruitment other than one comment from a member to our Spectrum recruitment post ( this other post, dated Jul 2015, goes un-replied to this day)
  • zero contribution to the funding of our website hosting fees
  • our News posts go largely uncared for (and unread?)
  • a post regarding the regulation ... ivity and commitment of members has also gone without feedback of any kind

This is not fully yet a community of friendship and aid; I know that none of our members has any connection of fidelity to being a friend.  I don't expect all members to but I am looking for friendship as Brigade grows.  What must happen, and is presently not as a unity, is the spirit of teamwork, camaraderie and knowing that your fellow member cares enough to support you, as you do them.

Going forward into March of 2020, I have decided to retire members who fall outside the regulation in our Handbook and conclude Trial periods.

What that means:
"Brigader members and above roles are required to participate with posts, official feedback requests, polls and chat. One (1) month of undisclosed inadequate activity will result in dismissal".

Our full-members (Brigader) are subject to the above.  They can be retired as described in the Handbook.  So you are aware, currently, only some of our members need to show a modicum of an extra caring attitude towards me and the community I'm building for them to keep their membership.

Anyone who is a current Trial must pass their Introduction by April 30th.

Three people have been removed so far, keeping our membership goals in a good light.

All the best cogs,

 - Neil

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