Chief's Letter #25
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Feb
Letters from the Chief
January is over already which leaves the last of the coldest months ahead and some of the quietest times behind.  This time of year sees me spending more time at the computer as my 'day job' is a little slim on pickings.

This has meant that I've had time to spend on Brigade's Handbook and website as well as some more time in the 'verse.  I am looking forward to spring as Star Citizen and our team here develops and builds exponentially.  That and the flowers.

Handouts :  Handbook version 3.6 and coinciding website changes took place in January and we now, as of today, have version 3.7.  Check out the Feedback forum for the details on all these updates:

  • New awards and updates to old ones
  • A large change to our points system
  • Twitch page on our website
  • Minor Handbook shorthand and regulatory additions
  • New/improved Handbook chapters:
  1. Corridors and bottlenecks
  2. Last member
  3. Retirement
  4. Defensive evasion
  5. The Hook and Push
  6. Blow throughs
  7. The head-to-head
  8. Most accelerated velocity and vector changes
  9. Infractions
  10. Positive attitude to overcoming issues

Regrettably, I didn't have the support nor the time to finalise version 1.0 of the accompanying video for our 'manoeuvres' award and new Handbook; with this in mind, I will release it as version 0.9, without the last manoeuvre 'the head-to-head' in a few days.

Shiny Cogs for the Brigade Machine : We welcome new Trial member, Antonio 'CT-7997' to our team, making the third enlisted member since our live shows officially began and the first of the year as Brigade commits to Star Citizen and membership growth with our first continuing activity as of Jan 1st.  It has been a pleasure so far Anton, who has shown team spirit and communication during some play with the Chief in 3.8.

Suit-up :  Speaking of playing, I'm putting in many hours each week as I take to our live shows, take part in CCC weekend events and practice manoeuvres and combat in AC/SM.  The notion is, as we grow in number and activity, to begin our first weekly practice events toward the end of the year.

As for now, I am available for members who wish to progress to full-membership and to achieve awards via play within SC.

Stay shiny,


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