Chief's Letter #24
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Jan
Letters from the Chief
Howdy cogs,
what a month.  Brigade has had numerous improvements; Mungle and I took part in the Coffee Cup with strong organising results; 3.8 has turned out to become the best team-up patch yet and Star Citizen's content is really picking up pace into 2020.  Which is a good time to mention the recent forum post that went up regarding member activity sometime into the future of the game, where I want to pin-down Brigade's own persistence within the 'verse by means of promoting our very long-running Trials and to become an active, flourishing community.  So check it out.

Also, keep an eye out for secure forums and related enhancements, as they are coming, hopefully, soon.  I'm also saving up to bulk-buy 5 years worth of hosting for our website and COMMS to take advantage of a sizable discount; fingers crossed we make that figure by our renewal date of June 2020.

Shiny New Cogs for the Brigade Machine: Venosceptic helps set the tone around here as they become a full member; much welcomes in order there, Veno, glad to have you aboard.

Building: Brigade has been through many iterations and polish over our developing years since 2015 (five years, holy cow!).  Star Citizen hasn't been kind to us, having taken up to now to provide Brigade and me enough content to, well, build on.  And that is exactly what our stage is as we hit the New Year in 2020 - building our community membership.

You can be assured that I'm making efforts to play with Brigade members and citizens alike throughout the week in continuing fashion to promote us in good light and coax some attention our way.  As our live shows have been the most successful way to achieve that, you can expect me on Twitch with 3+ shows a week.  I look forward to a time where our numbers are large enough for our own events where we stream that 'CO-OP mode' more and more often.  The shows may be successful but it is a channel for the Brigade community other than an org created for a streamer's channel, and I just wanted to make that clear.

A shiny New Year to us all as we ignite my dream into 2020 and beyond; thanks for your support, team.


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