Brigade's Community Focus Goal
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 15th Dec 2019
On 2nd December 2019, team Brigade was casually approached by Marshal Quinn and asked to consider joining Citizen's Coffee Company as a Partnered organisation.

Currently, within the CCC's structure, Brigade is an 'Affiliate' org.  This means we have been assessed as a community that has an interest and active involvement with the membered orgs of the CCC regarding the values that the CCC holds, which is in essence, a forum for their members to trade various contracts, jobs and intel in a friendly and trusting way without any kind of formal alliance of government.  This has also grown into regular fun events such as The Coffee Cup and Skirmish League.

Neil originally joined our org with the CCC to open up these avenues for our members to take confidence outside of Brigade when looking for various vocational contracts to fulfil and feel no requirement to involve themselves in any way with the CCC if they so chose.  In becoming a 'Partner', we would have most of these benefits with an addition: another community in which we can develop and another org which we can manage, jointly with other partners.

With a focus on Brigade's goals, Neil and other members were not excited by CCC's offer taking energy away from that.  The partnership would carry ideas, time and efforts away from our Dept. Heads, the Chief and in some way or another, all our members.

Brigade is to become a self-sustaining large community within Star Citizen; we will have outside friendships, partnerships and general connection for some of the best jobs in the 'verse but will predominantly have these kinds of relationships inside our community, allowing us the freedom of individualism and the grandeur of knowing we did it together as 'one. all. team'.

It is for this reason going forward that Brigade's goals include that of staying separate from outside parties, where we can create bespoke relationships and maintain our focus: which is all of you.

Message to Marshal
In light of continued transparency here is my reply to Marshal Quinn via PM:

"Good day, Marshal,
please let me say thank you again for considering Brigade for partnership and that it is an honour to be asked.  The CCC is a welcoming place with plenty of prospects, which is why it turned my head years ago and why my admiration for the work you personally are doing has kept me happy to be a part of it to this day.

With a focus on Brigade's goals, which is to become a self-sustaining large community within Star Citizen, myself and our members prefer an Affiliation over Partnership so that we can concentrate on the ambitious task of exponential growth, polishing and experience gain within our community this coming year; there is a lot that will be achieved thus our efforts must concentrate towards ourselves.

I hope you understand, that you find suitable partners forthcoming and Brigade can continue as a supportive Affiliate throughout SC's development."

Chief. Neil

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