Chief's Letter #23
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Dec 2019
Letters from the Chief
December arrives and with it the busyness of decoration, the pleasantness of gifts and the bloat of pudding.  It appears our community can relate as further iterations this year to just about every decoration Brigade has to offer has been busying myself, we receive the gift of new members and stuff on the pudding of CitCon and 3.8.  Before we know it December will be behind us and I'll be welcoming the crispness of a fresh New Year to reset a few cogs in our engine.

Shiny New Cogs for the Brigade Machine:   It is with enthusiasm I welcome Brigader Mungle who passes their Introduction after a few short weeks with us and Trial Venoseptic who is one speedy learner and may well be following suit this month.

Our Beginnings are Coming to a Middle:   After testing the waters in 3.6 and then diving straight in with 3.7, I'm pleased with how quickly our Twitch channel has grown and with it our members and other citizens presenting me with teamwork in the 'verse.  Heading into next year I want to be teaming-up and spending time having fun and gaining experience within the game and with our org members.  Cloud Imperium and the alpha has reached a degree of development that Brigade won't be missing out on; my vision for next year is to develop our membership exponentially with roles being filled as we flesh out our departments.

Diligence along the way will include working towards understanding the various game mechanics and careers to ensure our structure fits well with them; to accommodate our members' requirements and desires as we grow, and to ensure we expand at the rate our community feels comfortable with.

Firstly, however, this December will look closely at improving our Trial Introduction by acknowledging the everyday teamplay that will occur within our gaming in the 'verse, over that of the combat-focused alpha we have come to know since its first multiplayer inception.  Although combat will be prevalent within Chris Roberts' game in our day-to-day events and Brigade will always be prepared and skilful for its occurrence, I am keen to elaborate that we have plenty of non-combat roles to enjoy within our departments and that our trials should see this is so.

Game On:   If you haven't seen CitCon then where have you been?  3.8 will be in our sticky mitts in 2-3 weeks and includes the gorgeous new Planet Tech V4 with atmospheric improvements and weather to shine down on each and every firma including the new planet: MicroTech; we have the much anticipated Carrick and a surprising addition: ARGO Mole, which offers some very real team play as a multi-crew mining vehicle.

Among other ships, clothing, armour and weapons, we have a restricted areas rework, ship UI panels, a way to pay fines (or not...), new mining tools, better AI (which is getting quite good now) and FOIP, VOIP, partying and camera improvements.  More exciting, however, is the all-new FPS melee combat with its dodges, blocks, combos and takedowns; a multiplayer-focused mission and the new space stations littered around Stanton, including ones in upper atmospheres of planets.

Server-side object container streaming also arrives to bring forward credit, vehicle, armour and components persistence along with the ability to log into habs and stations anywhere in Stanton.

Whilst this is still an alpha environment, CI wants to make each release feel more like an MMO by adding persistence; including QoL improvements and offering the most stable patches yet.  It is to be seen but I for one feel confident that this is 'Star Citizen's gameplay year'.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of this with me; with our shiny cogs jingling all the way...


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