Chief's Letter #22
Chief.Neil 1 Comments · 1st Oct 2019
Letters from the Chief
Yeeeellow, everyone.  It's good to kick in with some news of occurings in Brigade...

Shedding light:
  The UK summertime is out of here and I'm happy to cosy inside under the lights of my studio and admire the juicer numbers I see upon my computer screen as they tell me I have a 24% gain to faster downloads and twice the upload with my new broadband provider.  All for £9 less a month too.  Oh yes indeed.

Whilst the light of the Sun may have diminished, we are in the spotlight more often as our streaming schedule includes Tuesdays and more Fridays to chain with our Sunday star Citizen shenanigans that have been going strong since May.  Yes, May!  With the last 5 weeks back-to-back Sundays running events with our affiliates, Citizen's Coffee Company, as you can see below:

Accord: If you haven't noticed, our Discord has been growing as citizens crew-up for adventures among the stars.  We have been having fun discovering wrecks, trading goods in Caterpillars and neutralising pesky, pilfering pirates.  It's not only streaming time I've set aside as I free my weeks for all kinds of Brigade community play with you and am especially looking forward to what this new 3.7 patch brings us - because as team play goes, it is juicy...

Coming October 10th:
  1. Fewer bugs and more polished content in our patches (we will see!)
  2. Mission/job sharing - all content can now be done and rewarded to our team via the 'share' button in our mobiGlas
  3. Personal Inventory - we can collect items that persist inside our backpack (when equipped) for selling to vendors or discarding from the tops of ArcCorp buildings...
  4. Underground Caves - some located via missions and some hidden, treasures of high value can be gathered and mined from inside these HUGE, dark, rocky holes that look atmospherically stunning
  5. Hand Mining - pull out a multi-tool with the mining attachment and mine valuable gems from caves and asteroids
  6. Gathering - fruits, fungi and (that's right) poop can now be gathered and stored in that backpack of ours
  7. Rentals - rent vehicles for 1,3 and 30 days at kiosks within the cities.  Now we have something to really work towards
  8. Flight and FPS AI version 2 - 3.6 saw some substantial changes so I'm looking forward to V2
  9. Arena Commander - we have much larger maps with improvements to Pirate Swarm, that really does need a team to handle the new end boss
  10. Star Marine - a new map 'The Good Doctor' looks to offer some sweet team fights
  11. Weapon Attachments V2 - laser pointers, (blinding) flashlights, hiders, suppressors, scopes and silencers
  12. Player Interdictions - stop those pirates and claim our bounty with the new straight to playable ship, the Mantis, an interdictor with a new game mechanic that stops players from QTing
  13. Persistence - firearm attachments, ship components and items placed inside our habs persist.  Go rent that ship, refit it with upgrades, get it blown up and know you can claim it all back

...and everything else I haven't mentioned

With 3.7 so soon, CI's new staggard development offering more polished patches on time and CitizenCon coming November 23rd, all before the BIG 3.8 Xmas patch, we gave ourselves plenty to look forward to.

Pretty cool.

Want more Brigade related news other than streaming and patch updates?  Well then, team-up, grab us some members and start practising together to become the best dang space org there is.  Just as long as you enjoy doing so.


1st Oct 2019 Chief.Neil
Brigade just got Twitch affiliated. Ha! - More stream news. But nice news nonetheless.
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