Hovering Around
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 28th Jun 2019
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Howdy peeps!  Here I am checking in with ya from way out in the black as my Q drive cools.

Thought I'd kick my feet back for some RNR and pour a glass of Radaghast.  Heh, that rhymes.  Well, its poetry on my tongue in more ways than one.  Hehe!  Oh, dang if that didn't rhyme too!  The thing here about these voice to text messages is that they capture everything.  Still, it beats writing on the mobiGlas, that thing is crying out for an update to its visuals and I guess their latest UI release ain't gone to plan because...well, it ain't gorram here.  You'd think with the money they have...ah heck, seems all I do is rant on and moan at ya.

That's not what I'm here to do.  I'm happily venturing away down to an old junkyard I once visited often for handy parts.  Got a call from my friend there, saying they'd a fitting piece for my 'Lancer, and as always they weren't wrong.  See, I've been tiptoeing around including a more sophisticated shard to control my hover modes; the old girl has had the standard computing since the beginning and well, when I see other Freelancer pilots out there pulling fancy landings I think it high time I owed it to the girl for her to do the same.

Wha- oh, darn it.  Gotta go peeps, somethings bleeping on the dash.  Will see y'all soon.

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