Chief's Letter #21
Chief.Neil 1 Comments · 1st Jul 2019
Letters from the Chief
Things to talk about, two months in a row.  What is this madness!?  Summer is here and although warmer, there has been much rain where I live.  This has been great for my plants but has meant I've not spent much time relaxing in the garden.  Shame.

Last month, 3.5 wasn't the exciting step forward CIoud Imperium and their new roadmap stance led me to have a little hope for.  In fact, there may have been more pushbacks on that roadmap than previous ones.  CI said they wished to allow for a less disappointing map by being more realistic with their times.  Unfortunately, gamed development is so difficult when it comes to these estimations; staff get sick and can't work on a feature, serious integration bugs sprout when new stuff enters a build and unforeseen mechanical problems occur etc.  This means our 3.6 expansion won't include the new UI, ship rentals, or improved AI systems and PVP bounties.  In fact, 3.6 is slim pickings in the feature department.  Except for what could possibly be an interesting new law/criminal system, which includes much more than I first thought.  The possibility of ship rentals being released in a '3.6.1' update is also reasonably likely; which is exciting, as I'm thinking about delving into trading, where I intend to upgrade to better vessels, giving me plenty to get my teeth into for those Sunday streams.  Speaking of which...

Twitch: The long-awaited schedule I talked about last month, is almost here.  I'm excited about what this does for my 'happyometer', which may reach levels of 7+ (out of 10) this summer; I hope it goes up further throughout the year!  Currently, Sundays at 17:00 are a sure thing and Fridays will mix things up with other games and a different vibe as and when I have the time, with Tuesdays still 'coming soon'.

Brigade's range of Cool~Stuff is in testing, with an official launch on January 1st 2020; people can purchase many of the items right now, using the cogs they receive whilst participating in the channel.  I wish for this to become one of the many things the channel provides to make things fun and involving for our members.  It is very much a Brigade channel and my hopes are that this is one of the many things that makes our organisation stand out from the crowd.

Updates: Our Discord had a whole set of Brigade emojis added last month, including Nitro ones; edits made to the visibility of our Brigade member channels (hidden from Visitors); a new waiting room in which all Discord invites point to; a place for our Visitors to chat, and extra features for our future Officers to utilise.

Our website has been tweaked for a more modern look, with quality of life improvements and a focus on our Feed module on the main page for all kinds of chat, notifications and media.  For example, now new forum post will appear on the feed too, as well as replies to News posts.

For those of you with Handbook access, I've finally migrated to Google Docs from Word, with a new format that includes a working contents component; now you can check the contents and zip to the chapter you are looking for at the click of a button.  Much better!

There are a handful of other changes around the site as well, perhaps you'll notice them.  Perhaps more will appear too...

See you in the 'verse?

 - Neil

1st Jul 2019 Chief.Neil
...another website update in the next few days..? Hmm, maybe...
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