Chief's Letter #20
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Jun 2019
Letters from the Chief
Good morning, afternoon and evening,

whatever happens to be your time of reading, if indeed our members read the news each month (the Chief's eyes narrow and shift from side to side)...  From nothing to report last month to, well, a fair bit this month, here's what has been turning Brigade's cogs this May.

Penned In: creating a schedule for my involvement with Brigade was never a problem but implementing it has been a depressing journey with more push-backs than a Cloud Imperium Roadmap.  Each month I say: "this is it, not long now, I can see the time...", but alas my work, rest and play schedule is still awaiting both financial security and some juicy SC content.  Knowing that I have set days free each week allows me to get work done efficiently and enjoy teaming up for play and have some personal time, three things I'm very much looking forward to.  I have to say tho, it won't be long.  I mean, I can see the time...

What is to schedule tho is streaming every Sunday on Twitch.  As you can see from the video below, I have been having some joy with that too.  New Discord channels have opened up for the purpose of citizens joining the server to be involved in multi-play with us and to get the latest streaming info.  Even one of Earle's skutters has taken it upon themselves to alert people when the Brigade COMM array detects live feeds.  While awaiting SC patches, other games may occasionally find their way for playing, and our Trade & Transportation Dept. busied themselves with R&R for a range of Cool~Stuff©, which stream participants can exchange their 'cogs', a shiny new stream currency, for.  Seems fun? - Tune in for more improvements coming in June.

Bingo Fuel: Last year I decided a line needed to be drawn in regard to what efforts and monies I would use to fuel Brigade's machine.  Well, the point of no return has itself started to fade from view as I pilot onwards and I really do not know what's left in the tank.  Maybe there's enough to keep it going until we can scoop some more from a deep space hydrogen cloud (if I've lost anyone there, you need to play SC more).  We will have to explore more...

me. all. team: In 3.5 I've (re)learnt to fly, seen the sights, played with guns, got shiny new armour with Brigade's colours on (team uniform?) and gained creds from many missions, all without a Brigade member in sight.  Shameful!  Instead, I've teamed with citizens from the streams, the Immobiles (a SC community) and very soon, Citizens Coffee Company (CCC), where I'll be participating in a story event spanning a few weeks.  I was asked if other Brigade members would be joining but er...well, you know, I didn't bother asking.  hehe

Keep in touch, Cogs; take care of yourselves and have fun.  3.6 VTOL soon!


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