Facing Towards the Future
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 19th Apr 2019
Lore Cast

With fresh new jobs coming into the system, Brigade has some fresh new faces appearing too.  Although not as one might presume at first glance, it is indeed the actual faces of current members that have undergone fresh starts.  Whether it has been lucrative (some might say monotonous) trade runs, the many Stanton jobs which, suffice to say, refresh continually as crime, waste and drugs never stay clean for long, or that BiotiCorp has offered some free aesthetics via their state-of-the-art Autodocs, but members have undergone changes nip, tuck and blend.  Apparently, BiotiCorp needs to test run their latest version before it goes 'live' this month.

With new work, Brigade's Cheif has come out from behind his own figurative mask, busying themselves with members and citizens alike instead of with a mound of paperwork on their desk.  Perhaps Brigade will see fresh new faces after all, as they sign-up to the team.

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