Chief's Letter #19
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Apr 2019
Letters from the Chief
Finally, most of the cold here in England has passed, my garden furniture has returned from the garage and colour is starting to show in my borders.  Spring is wonderful; I'm looking forward to reading a book under a warm shining of sun outside.

I'm also looking forward to heading inside, zooming around Arccorp and inherently blocking out said sunshine with a swoop of my blinds (as to not obscure the fidelity of my Star Citizen universe upon my screen).  If you hadn't heard, there's a new flight model to experience, in which I can describe as 'atmospheric'.  Guns shoot where you want them to and Star Marine has updates to make it a little more tactical and enjoyable.

Of course, we have a new planet and moons and landing zone and all that malarky as well.  It is the gameplay that 35 brings, however, which ensures my playing SC each week - getting involved in other orgs and streamers by playing with them.  It could also be the start of a Sunday stream every week!  With fixes to my PC and related software, as well as some hard tinkering, I'm excited to get Brigade going by streaming on Twitch once again.

Unfortunately, there were zero Brigade happenings last month to comment on, so the Chief's Letter is pretty much all about me.  Sorry.

See you soon,


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