A Coffee with Stanton's Citizens
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 6th Feb 2019
Lore Cast
Well, what is it I said last time - fresh funding!  Just as fresh as the coffee here in my local Citizen’s Coffee Company.  Stanton’s always been a well-visited place, what with four megacorps churning out products, but just lately things have got really interesting.  I guess many didn’t believe and everyone was surprised to see the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo make its way to Hurston, of all places.  'Creds turn heads’, so we got a ton of fresh faces in the system.  Vehicles of all types were shown off and I don’t doubt a few were purchased specifically for the Daymar Rally coming up and boy is that approaching soon.  I decided I’d ferry a few citizens down to Teasa for the event, having the opportunity to chatter with folk and maybe catch up with some outer-system news and pocket a few fees for my time also.

And right now, as I voice this entry into my Mobi and sip on some more great coffee, I’m watching the highlights of this very establishment’s own event they had going mere weeks ago: The Coffee Cup.  Heh, I chuckled at the title, it’s a good-un, as was the viewing; they had ships lighting up the sky as combatants took each other on in a firefight.  The CCC really pulling out the stops with hammerheads on either team.  I don’t know how they managed safety protocols!  They have another cup to win right at the start of the new year and I’m thinking I’ll pull in for a coffee and watch it live at my local CCC, but I may have to sneak in something to Irish-up that cup, only seems fitting in celebration, right?



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