Chief's Letter #18
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Feb 2019
Letters from the Chief
Heeeeeeeello, everyone.

After another long afternoon at the keys of Star Citizen, new binds are in place.  I'm at a place where I'm very ready for the new flight system whether or not bugs persist with key mapping or not.  Phew.  Paid work is light, so I'm busing with Brigade duties instead.

Food for Thought:   Feeling a bit like Homer Simpson sitting at home missing his chilli cookoff, the community for SC is doing all kinds of things on a daily basis, and we're simply not.  It is difficult finding motivation during alpha but I'm keen to get involved this March as the timing is perfect.  Communities (including orgs), from all over the world are in their hundreds, racing, shooting, flying, filming, you name it; 40v40 is not uncommon and the largest community event to date, the Daymar Rally, spanned into multiple servers as teams raced in various classes.

With little filling in our PU pie, citizens are cooking up their own treats in and out of the kitchen.  The number of tools, informational videos and websites are unprecedented as people pack the Spectrum's Community Hub each month.

Brigade's Chief isn't going to be twiddling their thumbs...not unless there happens to be a controller underneath them.  So!  Expect PTU streaming, flight testing galore, many options for members to jump into practice and my opening up to community events held by all these crazy citizens, happening sometime around the end of this month.

The quiet periods are shortening more and more...


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