Up Until Now; a Brigade early history...
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 22nd Jan 2019
Our becomings during Star Citizen pre-alpha.

July 2015 - From its early beginnings, a drive has never been an issue here at team Brigade.  Neil, its Chief, continues to be ambitious and focused on all his hobbies and was there 'right off the bat' to direct this community forward into the Star Citizen PU and beyond.  July 2015 marks Brigade's birth.
February 2017 - After a long gameplay draught and hibernation, Brigade reloaded with what would become known as 'Identity 2.0'.  A massive overhaul of our community website took place to introduce a professional theme.  We gave Brigade 'new stripes', a giant splash of colour and a positive, modern fresh appeal which can be seen to this day.
June 2017 - With an upcoming '3.0' expansion to Star Citizen, the Chief wanted to push Brigade's professionalism a leap further.  The release of such a massive content increase would bring thousands of new and old players back to Star Citizen, which was something Brigade was not going to miss out on.  Neil put time and funds into fabricating a top-notch recruitment video worthy of any gaming enterprise, coupled with good quality posters for each of our departments.  Added to this was an audio advert which was created for the purpose of airing on the Star Citizen radio station 'The Base'.   This advert, along with the recruitment video's audio was narrated by experienced professional, Anthony Rudd, who helped immensely by being extra kind to us.
October 2018 - Brigade's official Twitch channel was born months before, where it went through a bunch of iteration and testing before finally airing officially as Star Citizen 3.3 came to live.  The idea of the channel was for fellow Brigade members to have another medium to get involved with each other in a fun way within a massively growing trend of live gameplay.  With the intent to show citizen's what Brigade does and how effectively we do it, the channel was another form of recruitment and friendly public interaction too.

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