Chief's Letter #17
Chief.Neil 0 Comments · 1st Jan 2019
Letters from the Chief
Happy New Yeehaw cogs!  We did.  We made it.  We got here.  #unbreakable (part 2).

I'm gaming in Star Citizen; who'd have thought!  As an org leader and SC enthusiast, I've never played any of patches 3.0 or 3.2, hardly anything before then and just beginning to now.  Or at least, each and every Sunday as Brigade's streaming channel officially went live before the end of last year.  With March increasing game content and a new flight system penned in, I'm excited without any underlying disappointment, as what we have now feels like everything that comes after is a bonus, whatever the pushbacks.  This latest patch is here with us for three months, so I'm looking at getting to grips with everything it has to offer whilst studying load-outs that suit me - guns, armour and vehicles.  When the next patch hits, I'll be on a sure footing to as what I want to equip myself with from the get-go, so I can be ready for all types of play with you all.

All Aboard:   Well...I guess the Hype Train has left the station and is whizzing its way around the Loreville tracks but this time last year that train wasn't quite 'on time' and I'm quoted for announcing back then: "there will be enough content and stability for Brigade to get involved in SC gameplay often".  It has been tough and I can't steam-up the engines to make such foresight for this year.  Brigade has been excruciatingly slow to fill its carriage, with a handful of hopefuls disembarking before the journey ends.  We understand the platforms aren't a hustle and bustle of new citizens looking to board any train but Star Citizen is picking up steam nonetheless with more media appearing in my YouTube recommendations.  Sadly, with Squadron 42 not seeing a release for another two to three years, we won't be gaining the large number of new interest that would bring, so this year may continue to be a tough one.

Shiny New Cogs for the Brigade Machine:   Since January 2018, we have acquired one new full-member and one kindly supportive trial.  That isn't groundbreaking but then again neither was the playability of the game early this year.  I'd love to see our present trials becoming full-members in 2019.  One thing is certain, and that is you chaps have solidly stuck around and should be credited with that 'B.' in your name.  Of course, it is still up to the trials themselves, however, expect a little more push each time SC progresses along its quarterly release schedule.

I've readied our website for Brexit, which is to say I've made somewhat of a semi-commitment to renewing our hosting this July.  The next few months are critical for me to recognise the worthiness of Brigade's continuance.  Currently, I have a reason to play and teammates to play with, which is promising.

I wish you all the very best for this year, this  Have the best fun you can in everything you do.  Stay honest.  Team!


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